Kid/adult changer (REWRITE)

This is a rewrite

Hello developers,
I am currently making a game and it is a wonderful daycare and I am really struggling on how to make two pads, one makes you tall and the other shorter. I am aiming for these pads to be like in Life in Paradise.
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

For R15, you need to find or create values inside the Humanoid to use for scaling if they don’t exist and then modify the values based on the touched pad. For R6, no idea, can’t help you there.

The four relevant scales to you are HeadScale, BodyWidthScale, BodyHeightScale and BodyDepthScale. These must be NumberValue objects.

So, I will have to make all players r15?? How would I do that?

Use custom characters maybe
( 30 characters))

To make every player R15 you would first have to go into your game and then click the Game Settings at Home

Once your on this page

you want to go to the Avatar Button
and then you are here

And then you want to click R15

And save.