Kidveggito I 3D Models & Game Thumbnails

About Me

Hello, I am a 3d modeler and a GFX Artist. I have 7 years of GFX experience and 4 years of 3d modeling experience. I have been on the platform since 2011.

Technical Skills around 3d are

  • Low Poly Modeling
  • High Poly Modeling
  • Hard Surface Modeling
  • Concept Modeling
  • Sculpting
  • Texturing
  • UV Unwrapping

The softwares I am well acclimated with are

  • Z brush
  • Blender
  • Substance Painter
  • 3ds Max


Thumbnails/GFX/Wallpapers right here chief


3D Models in here chief



Renders of stuff I did not model

Rendered stuff for UI, didnt know their was a market for render icons but here we go


Prices are negotiable, preferrably US vegetables through paypal, but I do take green grapes through group payouts


Right here chief


These are real, high quality stuff right here!

I really love how vibrant and well textured your renders are, and those models; WOW!

Awesome stuff man, keep it up!

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Niiicee! What are price would it be for the models in the roman pictures?

These examples are amazing! I’m definitely keeping you in mind. I also love those descriptions of the payment. :joy::joy:

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Didn’t know you were still around, amazing work as always :ok_hand:

(Although seeing as how this post was necro-bumped, I’m not quite sure if they are actually open for commissions)

Best work I have seen in terms of GFX and 3D modelling in roblox. Do you use blender or Cinema4D to create your GFX?

He used to use Cinema but turned to used Blender

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KidVeggito is the best at what he does. There is no one better to work with or hire.

Some very good artwork and very good models

My eyes are blown from what you made! I can really see the details of a high quality image.

Very smooth and detailed models. Personally never worked with the guy but I highly recommend him.

Those thumbnails are very nice!