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Welcome to Keitaro! :sparkles:
Keitaro - ROBLOX

:memo: Information

  • Keitaro is a place where believing in something enough can make it possible to be done. Our mission is to make sure everyone is welcomed and feeling safe in the environment/community that they’re in. We were founded on December 26th, 2022 by Sekunaii on hopes of making a strong and friendly atmosphere for everyone.

:clipboard: General Regulations

  • Respect: Respect is a mandatory thing everyone must have to each other while in our game. You must be respectful to everyone, no matter the skin tone, sex, race, anything. You don’t know what people are going through in their life outside of ROBLOX. ROBLOX is some people’s safe haven to chill and relax from reality.

  • Trolling: Trolling or purposely disturbing the functions of operations is prohibited and you will be banned from the server without any warning.

  • Clothing: Clothing in game must be appropriate. Inappropriate clothing include, but is not limited to: racist/sexist/ableist shirts, invisible clothing to be naked, clothing that may offend others, clothing that bring up sensitive topics/events, etc. If wearing inappropriate clothing, you will be given two minutes to change or you’ll be banned from our facility.

  • Usernames: Usernames are to be ROBLOX appropriate usernames that do NOT bypass the filter. If your username is deemed inappropriate by one of our admins, you will be banned from the facility. This will include our training center.

  • Spamming: Spamming of any sort is not allowed at our facilities or on the group wall. You will be banned from our servers and your posts will be deleted on the wall.

  • Ordering: While at the cafe, the order limit is III items per order. If you order more than III items, you will be reminded that the order limit is still three.

  • Alt accounts: Alt accounts are not allowed within our facilities. Our administrators will ban your alt accounts if you rejoin on them after your main account has been banned within reason.

  • Racism: Racism or discriminatory phrases/languages of any kind is not allowed.

:tada: Promotions

  • Low ranks: Low ranks will be promoted by attending training sessions. The last rank you can receive from training is Senior Barista. If you want to be promoted past Senior Barista, you will need to be recognized by an Shift Supervisor+ to get recommended for a promotion or get enough points to get the rank of Head Barista.

  • Middle Ranks: To start your journey as a MR, you need to get the rank of Head Barista. After that, you can either fill out an MR application to get Staff Assistant or get recognized by a Shift Supervisor+ to get recommended for a promotion to Staff Assistant.

  • Begging for promotions: Begging/asking for promotions, complaining you didn’t get promoted when someone else was promoted while being in that position less time than you could lower your chances in being promoted to a higher rank.

:date: Session Schedule

  • Monday-Sunday: 3 AM EST, 6 AM EST, 9 AM EST, 12 PM EST, 3 PM EST, 6 PM EST, 9 PM EST & 12 AM EST

  • Please note:

  1. Quiz Center: In order to get the rank of Trainee, you must visit the quiz center which is always open on daily basis.
  2. Session cancellation: Session can be cancelled for reasons that can vary from: holidays coming up, lack of trainers and/or lack of attendees.
  3. Training Center: The servers for training session unlock at the time the training session is supposed to start. Though, session will be locked again once that server has become full. If you leave/disconnect from your server, your host will unlock the server for 5 minutes to let you rejoin if possible.

:ribbon: Conclusion
We, all here at Keitaro, hope this handbook has helped you understand more about how the day to day operations work here at Keitaro. If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything in the handbook, please do not hesitate to speak to any of our lovely staff members.

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