Killer AI help!

This is a very odd request, but I wanna know if anyone knows a person who has made an amazing pathfinding AI that can attack the player if it gets too close.

For example, JeffTheKiller ai attacks the player when its close, but the ai sucks.

I’ve tried to write, edit, get help with ai but nothing seems to work and nobody seems know how. I need a R6 pathfinding AI that wont be stuck, actually chases the player instead of stopping when its too close, and attacks the player.

Sorry, this is a weird request, but I need help seriously.

I highly recommend watching some of the tutorials by Gnomecode. Here’s a playlist I used when creating my own pathfinding AI:

It shouldn’t be too difficult to adapt this for your purposes.

YellowMustang is really good with AI and pathfinding. I will say a lot of the code in his videos are kind of outdated, however the ideas and concepts presented are still very good. Here’s a video from 2019 on how to make an advanced zombie AI.

Again, code might be a bit outdated (not even that much it’s probably still useable), but how he goes about creating the AI is explained pretty well imo.

Animate.rbxm (7.0 KB)
Here’s an animate scrit if you need it. It might help for animating your killer.