Killer clown for horror game


So I’m making a horror game that will involve an evil clown and need your help to make this as creepy/disturbing looking as possible. Here’s what it looks like as of now, any feedback is appreciated! I know that there’s things that need to be adjusted and that’s why I’m asking you developers on what should I do on him.


Hello! The first thing I noticed is that the arms aren’t by it’s side. I would also say make the neck more noticeable to the face doesn’t look attached to the body completely. If it’s in R6 then you’re able to adjust to R15 to make more limbs able to move more (which in the end you could do more with).


It looks REALLY cool. You should add neon lights inside the right eye, and also add beams coming out of it! That would make the player spooked out knowing they’re within seeing distance of this THING!

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Hey that’s actually a good idea!

They are by his side.

Done! :slight_smile: Any other tweaks or suggestions you got to make this guy look horrifying?

Ah, I see, angle made it seem off. All looks good from me!

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wow! This looks really cool! I suggest adding a age rating for your game because it’s really disturbing.

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I’ll make sure to add a little warning in the intro :slight_smile: