Kills/Deaths on player list

How do I make someone’s kills and deaths show up on the player leaderboard? I also want these stats to save when they leave the game.

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In order to have kills and deaths showing on the player list, you’re gonna need a leaderstat for both Kills and Deaths, and in order to save those you’re gonna need a datastore.

I’d recommend you to check this tutorial right here concerning datastore.

For the leaderstats (Kills & Deaths), make sure to watch this youtube video right here, which is fairly simple in order for you to understand it and replicate it into your own game. I wish you the best of luck.

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This video seems to be unavailable now. Do you have a different link to it, or a different video?

Absolutely, there are many videos out there explaining in detail how to achieve a kill/deaths leaderstats, this one right here seems to be not too much time consuming, but gets right to the point. Here you go :