Kind of curious on how I would necessarily go about Framework

I know, this has been an echoed topic amongst the Devforum, but there’s a few things that I read beyond in the forum, that still haven’t been properly explained, or let alone I don’t understand.

I was recently put in a group chat with multiple better developers, and one of them sent me a video, yet as I watched it, I just saw that this wouldn’t work for me since I have multiple different things that don’t just tie in with the setup
(For reference, he sent me a Skill System Framework, but I have stuff like Skill Creation and other systems that don’t really tie in), and his methods were a bit weird, such as running said Skills all on the server, hitboxes included, along with both his CoolDown System and his Inputs System, sending it from Client - > Server - > Client.

That was a little bit of ramble, but TL;DR is basically:
How do I go about a Framework that not only works for my Combat, but something like my progression as well?

You almost always wanna run everything from the server as much as you can, as anything that is on the client can be altered and exploited, i.e. Hitbox extenders. Same with the cooldown systems, running them in the client would render them unsafe and outright deletable. I think thats the proper way Its done so I dont think thats was weird.

You mention Frameworks but by any chance did you know which they were using? If either self-made or an extension of a created resource like Knit, AGF or Volt? In any case, I would recommend learning Knit and that form of structuring your game to see how you could fit it to your use case effectively. Progression systems absolutely can be made in this manner.

Hey I’m the creator of Volt and just wanna chime in here quickly. I definitely recommend learning Knit. Volt was a small project for me that I mainly did for fun but I don’t maintain it anymore and it’s become outdated. I still think a lot of the practices I implemented were really cool and I do eventually want to rewrite it but even I use Knit in my own projects. It is extremely well maintained and the creator provides a lot of useful utilities alongside it that tie in perfectly with the framework.


Hitbox on client, while bot being completely safe. Could be checked on the server, checking things such, Distance, Ping, RemoteSpam, to make overall more latency friendly.

As for the framework, it was completely manual (Self-Made). It seems interesting and looked like it overall just made the workflow much simpler/easier.