Kind of Sci Fi Build

I was making this from a reference picture but someone had made it before so I won’t be publishing it as a place. I’ll be remaking it by adding my own creative twist and more designs. However, this is currently. I was inspired by Choochuf’s build. (It’s his discord name.) I didn’t know someone had made this before during the week which I spent making it but I am willing to put more time into it.

But yeah. ;-;


Oh my god this is sick, you’re so talented, good job!!

That’s amazing! What’s it for?

It will be a showcase/hangout. :slight_smile: A lot of rework needs to be done but I aim to have it, hopefully released next week. It depends on how much school work I got. Thanks.

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Awesome build, maybe mess around with the lighting settings this looks as if it is Voxel.


Cool! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product :+1:


Absolutely fire. Even more fire than my PC when I load this in.