Kindamortal | Feedback For First GFX

I need feedback on my first GFX.

  • Advice is appreciated.
  • Bad/Good Feedback is appreciated.


It looks like you just posed the character, rendered it, and then put an overlay on it.

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No I went on studio to get the rig, then imported the skin and props. Then I went into Blender and posed it. Soon after I rendered it (30 mins) and then saved it. Then I went to Photoshop and added some vfx in it. So no I didn’t just posed the ‘character’ rendered it and put a overlay on it.

maybe you could add a background

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You just described the act of “Posing, Rendering, and Overlaying.” The VFX is an Overlay.
You posed it in Blender, rendered it in Blender, and overlaid the VFX on it in photoshop.
You can’t tell me I’m wrong when you don’t even know what you are talking about.

i was being satire calm down lol

  • Definitely add a background. Maybe like a volcano or something intense? Right now it looks plain.
  • Your overlay is lower quality than the render itself. Both need to be at about equal quality otherwise something is off.
  • Your weapons look cool, but they should be much more noticeable. Right now they look like shadows.

Actually much better than most first GFXs! 6.5/10

This was cool actually, but adding backgrounds? Super cool!

Hey! This looks great! My only criticisms are that, like many, many others have also noted, a background would be nice as the background looks a little plain, and also, the dual scythes, while they look nice, they look like black voids in the shape of a dual-headed scythe. Good job and keep up the great work!