Kinetic Code Map - StrikeZone-

Hey, haven’t made a post in awhile but I am 99% finished with my first map built for the upcoming FPS led by ScriptOn, Kinetic Code, and would love to share it with you guys! I based it off of the COD: Ghosts map, StrikeZone.

I have yet to add in triangle terrain for the outside bits (as the current floor is unrealistically flat!) and all decals for the warehouse/shop, the various wall posters and bill boards.

ScriptOn had given me a 17k part count limit, unfortunately I went a wee bit overboard…

Okay, a lot overboard…

Ended up being just over 39k parts.
Now, I know what you are all thinking, “39k parts?! Rip my toaster!”
However, ScriptOn will be adding in a “Low Detail” optional feature that will drastically lower part count so that lower-end computers will be able to run the map as well.

Anyways, here are a few screenshots of it!

(Photo creds to ScriptOn :P)<img <img src="//" width=“690”


I was gonna post ‘why the hell isn’t this dude in dev forums yet?’ using these exact pictures last night until you told me you were.

Glad you went overboard quite a bit. The low-detail setting really will be useful for the crap PC’s. This crazy detail will be hella fun for people like me with a decent PC who really want eye candy in a game :smiley:

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This is fantastic! I wish I had enough ROBUX to incentivize you to make my game a small plaza/lobby haha. Great work!