King of the hill Building Game

King of The Hill Building Game

About The Game

The game is a king of the hill/building game, where people can create there own In-Game servers and build their own king of the hill place. People can also join their servers and make their way to the top of their leaderboard!

@SwordRunning - Builder
nobody - Scripter

Game link:

What I would like you to make

The core gameplay - a building system where you can color and resize parts you’ve placed -
A place where you can join and make servers.

The Main Object:



I am paying through how much the game makes
Scripter: 65% of game profit

Contact Me

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at:

Thanks you for reading! :smile:

Isn’t the scripter doing most of the work since players will be building the maps?

No, I will be making the stuff the players will be able to build, such as: the map where they will build in, and the Crowns.

So like

You get 80% of game earning
While scripter that scripting full game for 20%


I just fixed it! Scripter now gets 65% of game earnings!