King's Rush: Mega Update I


New update for King’s Rush has been dropped!. King’s Rush is my 6th Roblox game that I’ve been having alot of fun to work on. It’s a competitive game with lots of maps, your objective is to be the first to reach the end.

Check out what is new in this update

New Maps
  • Frozen Mountain: The new Frozen Mountain map is another mountain added to the group!, A frozen-style mountain, it should be really cold up there.

  • Peak of TopHats: The new Peak of TopHats map consists in a simple map full of randomly-sized tophats, find the highest tophat to win!

  • Golden Days: The new Golden Days map is the most-huge map released!, it consists in a map containing 4 famous games, The Underground War, Rocket Arena, Crossroads and Haunted Mansion as a ending on Crossroads!

  • Polluted Mountain: The new Polluted Mountain is, yet, another mountain added to the game!, the map consists in a polluted-style map, the map was previously called Polluted Wasteland to reference the Polluted Wasteland 1.0 from Tower Defense Simulator, but later was renamed to Polluted Mountain.

  • Grassy Mountain: The Grassy Mountain just got a remake!, its classic version is still accessible through voting or through the Choose Map GUI on VIP Servers.

  • Mineshaft: The Mineshaft just got a remake!, its classic version is still accessible through voting or through the Choose Map GUI on VIP Servers.

  • Nostalgia Parkour: The Nostalgia Parkour just got a remake!, its classic version is still accessible through the Choose Map GUI on VIP Servers.

  • Bathtub: The new Bathtub map consists in a literal bathtub where you enter and go through a parkour in a sewer to then reach the end in a city. This idea was actually a random map idea that I asked for my brother, I’ve let him draw a map idea and here is.

  • Sinked Pirate Ship: The new Sinked Pirate Ship map consists in, well, a sinked pirate ship in the middle of the ocean, it was originally meant to reference the sunked ship from Mario 64.

  • Sky Islands: The new Sky Islands map consists in floating simple islands connected by ropes, climb all the way to the highest sky island to win!. This map was originally meant to reference Sky Islands from Tower Defense Simulator, yet, another fail.

New Badges

Buddies can be bought with either

Coins or Gems, they are permanently unlocked after bought and saved!
Buddies are little pets that follows you around, they do absolutely nothing but they are cute!

There are over 14 buddies, them being:


Emotes can be bought with either

Coins or Gems, they are permanently unlocked after bought and saved!
Emotes, as on the name, are dances that you can do!. Once you buy a Emote you can equip them between Slot 1 and Slot 4, press G to equip them or press the Emote button on mobile, your current equipped emotes are also saved!
image|132x139, image

There are over 13 emotes, them being:


Effects can be bought the same way as Emotes and Buddies.
Effects are cool looking effects (as on the name) which appears on your character, classic thing that exists for years on Roblox.

There are over 5 effects, them being:

  • White Cubes - 1K Coins
  • Glitch - 2.5K Gems
  • Group - Exclusive to our Roblox Group’s Members, join the TopHat Games Official Group roblox group to get it
  • Crowns - Exclusive to the VIP gamepass
  • Rainbow Cubes - Exclusive to the Premium Effects gamepass

Modifiers are events that have a 1 in 3 chances of happening each round, a text will appear rolling through the modifiers to choose one, they’ll of course, change the whole match, like the Annoying Pop Ups which will appear random memes as pop ups that you can close by pressing on the X, they’ll all stop appearing & all disappear at once once the game ends.

There are over 5 modifiers at the moment, them being:

  • Half-Time Cut - It’ll get the current round’s length and literally cut it in half, dividing the round’s length by 2
  • 2X Speed - It’ll get the current player’s speed and multiply it by 2
  • No Gravity - It’ll set the workspace’s Gravity to 50
  • Annoying Pop Ups - I’tll randomly generate pop ups with random memes around the screen, press the X to close them. As mentioned before, if there are existent ones after the game ends, they’ll all disappear at once
  • Fuzzy Vision - It’ll enable Blur and set its size everytime from 7 to 17 and 17 to 7
Other stuff added
  • Full UI revamp
  • New “AFK” button, enabling AFK button won’t let you join the Game image
  • New animations made by me (except for the jump)
  • Improved Data Saving/Updating
  • Replaced the Leaderboard UI with physical Leaderboard places in the lobby
  • New spawn look for Game
  • Cool Tip board to donate and help the game out
  • Some Secret badges and all of the Objective badges disabled
  • 2 New gamepasses, VIP and Premium Effects
    • VIP gives you 2X Coins, 2X Gems, Rainbow Title, Crowns Effect and King Noob buddy (referencing the old VIP Player from the old RBPG
    • Premium Effects gives you exclusive effects
  • Changed Transition since it had the old game’s logo and name

And of course, the game is out of Pre-Alpha!, everyone that tested out the game will recieve exclusive rewards later and a cool OG text on the Stats UI

Play now here: [💖VALENTINE'S DAY] 👑King's Rush - Roblox