Kingsmen High Rank Codex


As a Kingsmen High Rank, you are tasked to training the most loyal to Veloxic Empire. It takes a commitment in order to be in VEK and being a VEK HR, is a prestigious title. This guide will be talking about how to test fellow Kingsmen. High Ranks in Kingsmen are considered Knight Captains and above.

PROBATIONERS: As you may know, Probationers are not official members of the program. They are tasked to study the formations and statuses located at the Kingsmen Holographic Training Facility (

Your duty is to test that Probationer. Once a Probationer has scheduled a class with you, you must go through every formation and status with them. To load a formation you would say “:load [FORMATION NAME]” to end you would say “:end” More information is on the game description. You would also have to describe the ranks in the formation.

Also make sure to review things that will be on the Probationer Exam.

When testing a Prospect, remember to take them to the Holo. They must have their GUI removed. To remove the GUI, say “:hidegui”. You would then ask the following.

Q1: Is a Probationer an official member of the Kingsmen?
A: No.
Q2: Who is the Director of Kingsmen?
A: CrypticXII
Q3: What is the role of a Kingsmen in a Training?
A: To maintain order while the Training is in session. (Something along those lines.)
Q4: What happens if someone crosses the VEK line or disobeys a Trainers order?
A: Shoot, tell HR (Something along those lines.)
Q5: Explain what you would do it a HR Admin Abused.
A: Get an online Council Member, take screenshots etc. (Something along those lines.)
Q6: What is a PHR? What ranks are considered a PHR? Do they have to be in the group?
A: Protected High Rank, H2+ are considered PHRs, No they do not have to be in the group.
Q7: Explain a 2B Formation.
A: One Kingsmen on each side behind the PHR. The Kingsmen’s arms line up with the PHR’s arms on either side. Higher ranking Kingsman goes on the right side.
Q8: Explain the S1 Status.
A: Kingsmen are ON DUTY.
Q9: What is the Rule and Regulations for ALL statuses?
A: Statuses are only to be issued by Knights+. When a status is issued, it overtakes the Kingsman’s current assignment unless otherwise states. Statuses are to be memorized and used when directed.
Q10: Do you understand that to be entered as a Kingsmen and to pass this Exam, you may not become a High Rank until you are a Knight Captain unless there is an emergency within the ranks? (Means you can only go to rank L-8 unless stated otherwise.)
A: Yes (If they say no, fail them.)
Q11: State the VEK Pledge
A: As a Kingsman, I pledge to serve The Veloxic Empire to the fullest of my ability. I will protect all those around me, and ensure the safety of the High Command, Allies, and my peers. I understand that failure to complete my duties will result in immediate punishment, and that everything that is said or done is to be taken seriously. I will use common sense and my extensive training to complete my duties as I should. I will abide by this Pledge for as long as I serve the Kingsmen. Upon which I will be discharged honorably, or required to depart from the division without return.


Train them again once more about ALL the formations and statuses in the GUI.

They are now official members of VEK. Their duty is to study ALL of the formations and statuses in the GUI at the training center.

When testing, hide their GUI (":hidegui") and go down your GUI and ask them a brief description of ALL the formations and statuses.

Formations: They are allowed to fail one formation description.
Statuses: They are allowed to fail one status description

5/15/18 - CrypticXII, Director

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