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              "🧰 THE BETTER ROBLOX TOOLBOX 🧰"

ROBLOX Development Kit Hub is a public program for developers looking to start making ROBLOX games. We offer the same experience of the ROBLOX toolbox, but with all models being safe, user-friendly, and helpful.

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If you have any questions, comment below

Developer Hangout Update #1

Added Things Too the Developer Hangout area such as

  • Spleef
  • Obby
  • Improved City

Version 1 Of Update

Bug Fixes #1

Fixed bugs with the kits and UI.

Version 1 Of Update

Developer Hangout Update #2

Added banners and fixed issues with barriers

Version 2 Of Update

Kits Update #1

Adding more kits to the game.

Version 1 Of Update


CURRENT STATUS: :green_circle:

:green_circle: = Fully Online – Game working perfectly
:yellow_circle: = Slightly Offline – Some features are buggy or being edited
:red_circle: = Offline – The game is fully offline.

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Perfectly fine \ :green_circle:
Bugs have been reported \ :yellow_circle:
Not Working At All \ :red_circle:

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Why not build this as a Roblox Studio plugin so that it can bee accessed without having to go into a seperate game?

We wanted to be able to market it using ROBLOX ads, also we might make a plugin version soon!

Hm, This looks good! I even got a chart obby kit from there.

But i recommend making it as a plugin.

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Thank you, as I said we might make a plugin version soon!

Hey, how could I suggest some safe models to add in? I know these models are safe, they have Devforum links and are safe.

  1. BetterChat Loader (DEVFORUM: BetterChat)
  2. Techy’s Obby Kit (DEVFORUM: Techy’s Obby Kit)
  3. TopbarPlus (DEVFORUM: TopbarPlus v2)
  4. ZonePlus (DEVFORUM: ZonePlus v2)

I personally trust these models as they are made by big Roblox developers and I also use them in my own games.


Also, this is a great idea: keep adding more! I would personally use Kit Hub. I am always trying to find models and I would find FOLLOW NPC (NOT VIRUS) and the description would be NPC NPC NPC NPC NPC and I am just searching and searching! I support this idea very much!


How often do you update it with new stuff?

if you add it on a daily basis or weekly basis then I would love to use it But I have some questions.

  1. Are these models made by you or your team or Someone else?
  2. If these models are made by Someone else then do you verify That it has no Viruses?
  3. Do you only provide kits or Models and scripts too?

If you answer my question then I would love to use this thing, Last time I gone to lua hub, Its trash so I am looking forward to use it! so far looks good I think this is gonna be awesome, BTW I would like to contribute my making more models if I can!

Seriously This is awesome

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we provide models that would count as “kits”. some of them are made by me, however most are free models.

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I’m pretty sure something similar to this already exists…

the owner of toolbox doesnt update it regularly so no point of using it

You can advertise plugins too.

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ive used this quite a bit, its very good and id recommend using it

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Oh, I forgot about that, Maybe I will update it to be a plugin at some point. For now ima keep it a game though.

Thank you! We strive to make our games the best we possibly can!