Kitchen design needing feedback

Design and inspiration?

Greetings dev-forum!

I’ve recently took on a few challenges with building creating new workspaces and area’s to express my feelings and achievements. One of my main hobbies is cooking, I love the way how things work within a kitchen and to express that with a ROBLOX design would’ve been amazing to me.

I went with a modern theme, to also mention this isn’t a single room. I’ve made a whole room for my portfolio that will be coming soon, I made a whole building and low-poly. I made sure that the vibe was summer, spring you name it. Beach vibes you know?

Enough talking here’s what I made!


What I’m looking for?

I need feedback regarding what I’ve built, I need more inspiration to build more frequently new styles and idea’s. I hope that these few pictures can inspire others to build more and enjoy there time building!

Thank you for taking the time to read. :slight_smile: