KitKatKy • Roblox Graphic Designer

UPDATE: I am currently busy and have put my waitlist on hold. I will contact everyone who is currently on my waitlist back when I have the time to pick up commissions again! Sorry for the inconvenience!

About Me

Hello there! I am a self-taught graphic designer known as KitKatKy, or Kit for short, doing freelance and personal work on the Roblox platform since December 2017. With years of experience, I am able to produce high-quality artwork for my clients to enjoy and utilize to showcase their games. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some big groups such as BloxByte Games on Ghost Simulator and HD Games on Saber Simulator and Arcade Empire. Keep on reading if you’re interested in my work!


Check out some of my best and latest artwork for a feel of what I am able to create!




Personal Artwork



Thumbnails: 5,000 R$
Icons: 2,500 R$
Advertisements: 2,500 R$
Other: Negotiable

Payments shall be through group funds only! No other method of payment will be accepted.
Prices may fluctuate depending on complexity, time, and many other factors.

Terms of Service

Please read through the Terms of Service carefully before you decide to commission me.

Terms of Service

Last Updated: January 31, 2021

Part I: General Terms

  • Respect - Working together requires a sense of mutual respect. Therefore, if you are rude, annoying, manipulative, or in any other way I see that will make it difficult to collaborate, I will decline working with you and cancel your commission. If this is carried out to an extreme level, I may also decline working with you in the future if you decide to reach out to me again.
  • Work Hours - I typically only work during the weekends, but can occasionally spend time working on the weekdays if my schedule allows. Keep this in mind, as the length it takes me to actually complete your commission may vary depending on what day you contact me.
  • Patience - Sometimes, life gets in the way: school, family, etc. I ask that you kindly have some patience with me while I work. I value transparency, and will notify you as soon as possible if I will take longer than expected, or may not reply for some time.
  • Deadlines - If you have a deadline you want me to meet, please let me know BEFORE I start making the artwork. This will give me time to consider if I can actually take your commission knowing in advance if I can/can’t make your deadline. If you fail to warn me about a deadline and begin rushing me in the middle of a commission to reach it, I have the right to drop your commission altogether and may decline working with you in the future.
  • Details - I will ask you to be as detailed as possible when describing what you want your artwork to look like. This will help eliminate any of the guesswork I may have to do, allowing me to satisfy you with something you wanted, as well as help you avoid any extra fees from me making drastic changes later down the line.

Part II: Payment

  • All payments need to be made through group funds only.
  • I require that you need to pay 50% of the payment upfront BEFORE I start the artwork. This is to ensure that I do not get scammed for my time and effort. After I am finished with the piece, I will send watermarked screenshots for your approval. You will need to send the other 50% of the payment BEFORE I send the final unwatermarked piece.
  • No refunds. Creating artwork takes time, and the quality of the pieces comes from years of practice and work. It wouldn’t be fair if I received nothing for my time.
  • Pricing Variation - As stated above under my commission sheet, I have the right to change the price of the commission based on factors such as time, complexity, etc. The numbers listed on my commission sheet should be considered as “base prices” which apply 90% of the time, but can be added onto with other fees.

Part III: Process and Feedback

  • Assets and Maps - You, the client, are responsible for providing any assets or maps you would like me to use in the artwork. This can be done via adding me to a team create or sending me various types files (ex. .rbxl, .rbxm).
  • Progress Screenshots - I will send you multiple progress screenshots at various stages in the process as I work on your order. This will allow you to provide feedback on what you like or don’t like, making it much easier for me to adjust and tweak the artwork to your liking.
  • Changes - I do not mind making small changes to the piece, because I want to do everything I can to make you happy. However, I ask you to be mindful in when you ask for changes. For example, it’s really frustrating when I’m doing final touches on a piece and suddenly you ask for a change in the render. If I choose to fix it, I may add on an addition fee for the extra time, but I also may not have the time to fix it and will just send you what I currently have.

Part IV: Usage Policy

  • I, the artist, still retain the right to the artwork even after you have purchased and paid for it. This means I am able to utilize the artwork to promote myself or post it anywhere.
  • You are NOT allowed to remove the watermark or signature placed on the artwork by me.
  • You are NOT allowed to claim the artwork as your own or redistribute/resell it to another individual or group without my permission.

:white_check_mark: By commissioning me, you agree to be bound to the Terms listed above. If you disagree with any part of the Terms listed above, I will decline working with you.


Twitter: @kitkatkyrblx
Discord: KitKatKy#2865

‎For any inquiries or commissions, please feel free to drop me a message through the social medias listed above and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can!

Thank you so much for reading, and have a fantastic day! :smile:


Really good work, feel like you could do thumbnails for big games (excluding simulators). great potential, good luck


Such high quality work for a super affordable price! I’d highly recommend commissioning her if you’re in need of some amazing designs!


Great work! and even better prices.


Kitkatky is amazing at what she does. She offers cheap prices and great work! I definitely recommend her!


Phenomenal work! Whenever someone is looking for a GFX Designer I’ll of course recommend you!

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Your work is phenomenal! Absolutely stunning work for a very reasonable price tag. I’d love to hire you when your commissions reopen.

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