Kitten's Hotels Interview Guide

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’‘We invite you to try it!’'
The guide was made to ensure our fellow High Ranks are following the guidelines and regulations of Kitten’s Hotels. Please read all the infomation below and try to understand it as best as possible.

  • [INTERVIEWS] Is being hosted by (———) at (TIME+TIMEZONE)! Come to the interview centre for a chance of a job. Hotel Guests may attend, Supervisors+ may assist.
  • Announce on discord and shout on the group. Tag @here on discord logged at least 20 minutes before starting.

NOTE: Only MR+ can interview

  • When starting, do :slock and then continue the rules.
  • Announcement Format at group shout:

When concluded:

  • [INTERVIEWS] has been concluded! Congratulations to passers. Sorry if you didn’t make it, head to the application centre for another chance for a job!


:sm Greetings, welcome to the interview session. My name is (name), and my co-host is (name)! Also, I’m with my overseer, (name)!

:sm I’ll be sending grammar test to Hotel Guests now, and then I’ll be announcing and explaining our rules at Kitten’s.

:pm (hotel guests) Correct this: I WanT A JoB At KiTTeN’s, I hoPe I PaSs

  • Example: 5 Hotel Guests named Lax, Infinite, Nath, Strong, Dee
  • You can do :pm lax,inf,nath,stro,dee Correct this: I WanT A JoB At KiTTeN’s, I hoPe I PaSs
  • Kick failed guests out of the game using the command below:
  • :kick (name) Apologies, you didn’t pass! Please don’t let this makes you feel discouraged; you can try again! :smiley:

:sm Congratulations to our passers! Please listen to these rules before we can start. Stay seated and keep quiet so you will not miss anything important.

:sm Rules / Expectations

:sm Showing a great dedication will always lead in a promotion. Hard-working staff members will be noticed. Please do not feel unnoticeable while working here, and please do not hint/ask for a promotion, it looks unprofessional and could get you suspended.

:sm Being respectful and kind are our expectations to see; it could help you pass this session, being disrespectful will result in removal from the server.

:sm While being interviewed, If you didn’t answer in III minutes, we would assume that you are AFK and you’ll be removed from the session.

:sm Please avoid arguing with your interviewers, this may dramatically decrease your chance of passing, if you have a problem, then please call for the host, starting an argument doesn’t solve your problems.

:sm If you are caught cheating in any way, severe consequences will occur, you could be blacklisted from our games and our group.

:sm If you have passed this session, you’ll be ranked to Trainee. While being a trainee, you can work at the hotel for more experience. When you’re ready, you may attend our training session to get your desired rank.

:sm In this session, III grammar strikes will result in a fail, but if you correct it before your chat disappears, then it will not be counted as a mistake.

:sm Not using grammar as a staff member anywhere in our facilities will result in a demotion.

:sm Trolling as staff or ruining our reputation will face a demotion and there is a chance of permanent ban from our facilities.

:sm That’s all about the rules, please stay seated until you got jumped, once you’re jumped. Do not sit back as you’re about to be interviewed. We are picking people randomly. Please do not complain if you didn’t get chosen because everyone will be interviewed.

  • Now you (Host), go inside and bring our guests in each room for interviewers.

:sm Interviewers may enter their office and have your guide prepared, thank you for your cooperation.


Do not use :kick all to shut down, do not shut down unless you are an Overseer or the host of the session.