Kitten's Hotels V2 Announcement "The Future Is Exciting"

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’‘We invite you to try it!’'
As you know Kitten’s is trying to find ways to inovate and improve our group! So far we have improved our, logos, ranks, staff and our reputation. But we want to take it up a notch. Introducing Kitten’s Hotels V2. Built by, ArchitectDevs and Scripted by master_roblox414!

Important Infomation
This hotel has 36 standred rooms, 6 suites and 2 penhouses. There are 6 floors in those massive hotel. V2 has a ride range of activities such as, lobby cafe, waterpark, swimming,

How will this effect us
This will effect us in a possitive way! We are hopeing this will be one of the best hotels on ROBLOX. This will have a massive impact on our reputation and this is only the beggining!

When will we realese the hotel
Right now we don’t have a exact time but we are planning on doing it between now and the next 3 weeks!

Whats New
Here is a list of the biggest features comeing to Kitten’s Hotels V2!

  • Improved Music
  • New Hotel
  • New & Improved Map
  • New & Improved Map
  • Bug Fixes from V1
  • Improvments to the admin
  • New Models & Meshes
  • Improved Graphics
  • Reduced Lag
  • Better proformance compared to V1
  • New & Improved Rooms

Massive thanks to ArchitectDevs & Master_roblox414 for makeing this all possible!

The Future Is Exciting

Thanks for reading,
Founders loverbatboy & master_roblox414

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