Kiwi Studios - Hiring Builders, Game Designer (Contract-Basis)

You’re not allowed to ask for investors on fourms. K thanks.

Could you contact me on discord
Kyoto’s Art#3394

I’d like to apply for Builder, contact me on discord at : Owenzlol#1368

I would like to build in your game.
You can contact me in discord to see my portfolio - shertown#8169

Are you still looking for builders? Vs#4270

Hello! If you are still hiring a builder I’m avaiable…
This is my portfolio - [FOR HIRE] Builder for hire! Portfolio

And this is my discord - Ahagaa187#8351

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello there! I am very interested in builder position if its not filled! Please add me on discord! Josip_V#9247

could you contact me on discord: Rondevue#8982

Game Designer, KingTrolling#2815.

My disc is PhantomBoii#1278 I would like to work on this game as a builder

I’m interested!

Discord: PokieDev#5067

Discord: will#4070
Precise builder.

Hello this project seems interesting and I would love to apply for it if you friend me on discord I can send you some pictures of my past work!
Discord : MR_Enforcement#1200

Hello! I have interest in both positions, We’ve previously have worked in the past on Lava Floor. Here’s my portfolio - 4wku | Programmer & Builder

If you’re still looking for Builders, I think I could add some extra diversity into what you’ve currently got. My portfolio is my most popular topic on my DevForum profile if you’re interested.

I’m willing to do the Game Design job for free for work to be shown on my portfolio however please do not take this as low quality work, I’ve worked on a lot of projects but most of them didn’t seem to workout due to management issues and if your looking for previous experience I can send you some websites I worked on feel free to contact me via Minace#8180

Interested on the builder position, please contact me

i’d like to apply

Interested in the builder position. My Discord tag is Laemmle#8800. Here is my portfolio, I hope to hear back from you.

do you have discord?
jenna#6336 add me

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