4wku | Programmer & Builder

My user is 4wku, I’m currently 20 from Chicago. I have been on and off the platform for around 11 years or so. And I have experience in Programming and Building on the ROBLOX platform. Overall I would consider myself a team leader and a team player in some instances. Enough of the chatter. Let’s see my work! :slight_smile:

My Projects

Radical Revolvers - Programming
Lion Clothing Homestore - Building

Logo's I've Made


Scripts/ Current-Past Workplaces

Transition Screens

I am flexible when it comes to working schedules and ethics of that sort. Here’s a small run through.

Monday: 10 AM - 10 PM
Tuesday: 10 AM - 10 PM
Wednesday: 9 AM - 2 AM
Thursday: 9 AM - 2 AM
Sundays: N/A

Prices are negotiable, I accept either direct payment or a set agreement. My preferred payment method is USD ($4/1k). :robux: is accepted if sent through Group Payouts.

ROBLOX : 4wku

($500 USD) Hiring a Professional Builder for a Game
[OPEN] Jam Ent. Hiring [100k-400k+][$200-$800+] Developers for anime game! (Builders, modelers, scripters, etc)
We need a dev for our game
Hiring a map builder for a fighting game [$300+]
Envision Studios is Hiring (BUILDER)
[10K+][OPEN!] Looking for Modelers/Scripters/Animators/Voice artists
[HIRING & PAYING] Looking for Developers to work on a Roleplay Game!
[CLOSED] Hiring Experienced Programmer
[Closed] Map Builder for Futuristic City Racetrack [20k]
Imperial Studios is looking for a Builder!
Hiring a Pro Builder [20K Robux]
Looking For Developers!
[CLOSED] Bakiez Bakery is looking for a new Lead Coder (Head of Development)!
No Limit Games: Hiring Scripter (12.50 USD/h) ($2000/month)
[Closed] Hiring Clothing Designers and Store Builders for clothing group and store
[Closed] Hiring Builder for theatre
[CLOSED] Hiring BUILDER for SMALL homestore | PRICE: 1-10K. | PREVIOUS work should be provided
[CLOSED] Hiring a Professional Builder for a Large Map!
[CLOSED] Looking for a map builder [R$50K+]
Looking for a LEAD SCRIPTER for a Cafe
[R$ 100k - 150k NEGOTIABLE] Bad Business Map Developer
Closed, not hiring anymore
Kiwi Studios - Hiring Builders, Game Designer (Contract-Basis)
[BUILDERS NEEDED] Looking For A Dev Team
Stardust Studios | Hiring Developers | (15K - 150K) | Read Below
[OPEN] Looking For Developers For Cafe Mezlo
[Closed] Hiring Builder
Part-Time Scripter Needed ($30,000 Annually)
Looking for Cruise Ship Developer
[OPEN] Scripters!
Closed, no longer needed
[70k+] Hiring Builders and Modelers
[Hiring!] Character Designer and Map Builder
[OPEN] Imperial hotels and resorts is looking to hire a builder!
SPRING 2021 Accelerator Mingling Thread
[CLOSED] Builder needed for map
Lead Development Manager (CLOSED)
(Closed) builder
[$28 USD] [OPEN] Looking for someone to make hall presets
[CLOSED] 100€ scripter for new game
[COMMISION 5-10K$] In need of a builder
Looking for a quick, short-term scripter for a demo lobby
[Closed] Dunn Games is hiring! [Scripter - 225 USD/week NEGIOTABLE]
[CLOSED] Talented Builders Needed - Platinum Five BRM 5
[OPEN] Hiring a Scripter [$70 USD]
Seeking for a Builder
[CLOSED] Twisted Development Studios is hiring a scripter!
Minigame Game [Looking for programmer]
[HIRING] Builder('s) who know how to build using Roblox Material, so no Low-Poly stuff
Closed, thank you
Scripter Needed
Hiring Scripters | (50K+ Payment)

Heyo! Do you use Blender to make those tables?

Cafe - Yes, Brings out the detail more
Gymnasium - 90% of the items are Meshes.

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Looks amazing! How did you learn to start using blender? I use it, but not to my full ability.

I’ve honestly started from early Youtube tutorials and learned the small tips and tricks like making parts more realistic rather having the same hassle in studio but causing more memory to be spent. C4D was my starting go-to when making meshes.

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Oh, never thought about using cinema 4d. Is it easier than blender?

If you’re into making graphical designs I’d suggest Octane and C4D. Probably the best collaboration you can get.

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Definitely recommend ordering from him! 4w is able to accomplish outstanding work in a beautiful amount of time! Give him a date and he’ll get it to you a day earlier. His prices are very negotiable based on your financial needs. If you need programming or building, he is the man.


Hi, I have sent you a friend request on Discord and my tag on there is Quionew#2800

I’ve added you back this morning. Can’t wait to work with you :slight_smile:

I can highly recommend 4wku for scripting work, had my request done quickly and exactly as I’d envisioned it!

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Hello, I am interested in hiring you. If you are doing long term projects check here Roben Studios Is Hiring Developers! [OPEN]

Hello! You seem like a really cool guy, and definitely extremely skilled. Do you accept percentages? I don’t have much funds so I wanted to ask, as I was interested in hiring you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Feel free to shoot me a dm over discord, We can discuss more on the basis of percentages and etc

Those FIRST two videos are MY BUILDS. Wondering how you got them and why you are claiming them to be yours? Proof in my portfolio for anyone who is wondering. HOW did you get these?


Someone I’ve collaborated with claimed to have done partial of that work, I’ve taken it down per request.

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How how can we be 100% sure, you were the other person who built this?
It could have been anyone. do you have proof? I can say it was me anyone could.
also you have multiple portfolios with the same pictures.

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I don’t really need to prove it anymore as its been dealt with and 4wku knows it was stolen.

how was it stolen?30chars

Please refrain from continuing anything that has already been resolved, a former colleague that I associated with claimed to have made it and It was featured due to my personal edits he requested. Build has therefore been remove and we’re continuing to moving forward with a possible partnership in the near future. Thank you for the concern on you behalf
– 4w

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