Kja Hotel and Resorts

Welcome to kja Hotel and Resorts!
About the game:
This group was founded on April 11th, 2020 by kja071305_1 and jetgreenstar. We have the best hotel and attractions in ROBLOX. In this game you can be a guest here or you can get a job and rank your way up from a trainee all the way to being apart of the managment team. We have a hotel where you can spend the night, fun attractions like a park, stores, camping, arcade, pools, spas, and more.


Here at kja Hotel and Resorts, we try to give you a fun and safe enviornment to play in. In order to do this we have certain rules set in place to make sure this happens.

Rules for everyone
*Follow ROBLOX rules and TOS.
*Be respectful to everyone.
*You are held responsible for everything that happens.
*If you leave the group you can not Get your previous rank back that you had.
*All purchases and donations are final and will be NO refunds.
*No advertising of any kind for any other group or game in our group.

Rules for staff
*Use grammar at all times.
*Be polite to everyone.
*Have a positive attitude.
*Do not point cheat, troll, and/or skip in line.
*Do not ask for a promotion everyone will be promoted the same way.
*If someone is breaking any rules report them to a manager+.
*Do not argue with anyone.
*Do not false kick or ban anyone for any reason.

If you break a rule you will receive one of these punishments below and punishments will be chosen from what rule you broke.

*A temporary ban
*Permanent ban
*Demotion from your current rank

Group Links

Group: Sunshine Ridge Resorts - Roblox
Application: Applications - Roblox
Training center: Kja's Center - Roblox
Hotel Game: Kja Hotel and Resorts! [Version 1] - Roblox
New Hotel Game: kja Hotel and Resorts! [NEW][BETA] - Roblox

Update Logs

Training Center: N/A
Hotel Game: Kja Hotel and Resorts update log
New Hotel Game: N/A

What can I do?

If you are a guest you can stay at our hotel overnight then during the day you can make a trip down to or fun activities which include a park, stores, a resturount, pool, or spa. If you want to work here make sure to be in our group to take the application and make sure to attend a training.


Gamepasses are still being added into the game and do not fully work yet.
Arcade: With this gamepass you can go to our arcade and play fun games and earn some points every time you play the games.
Premium: With this gamepass you will get a cool nametag, daily rewards, premium rooms, and 50% off of all things bought with points in-game.

Rank Description
Member (can be ranked up) You can stay at the hotel and have fun around the map.
Trainee (can be ranked up) You are learning how to work here at the hotel. You will attend a training and get help from higher ranked staff so you can do well at your job.
Cashier (can be ranked up) You can check people in to their rooms and help with problems guest’s may have.
Cook (can be ranked up) You can give people food that they would like.
Senior Staff (can be ranked up with the communications server) You can help out with the cashier or cook job (the one that needs the most help)
Managment Intern. (can be ranked up if you passed the application) If you have position then great job on passing. With this you will have the same job as Senior Staff BUT you will learn how to be apart of the Managment Team.
Supervisor (can be ranked up) With this role you help out with making sure everyone is following the rules and also help out at the trainings.
Assistant Manager (can be ranked up) With this role you can help out with trainings and make sure everyone is following the rules.
Manager (can be ranked up if you pass the application) With this role you can be a Host/Co-Host during trainings and also making sure that everyone is following the rules in the game.
Executive Intern. (can be ranked up) Congragulations on making it this far as not many people making it this far. With this role you re learning how to be apart of the Executive Team. More information will be given when you have passed the appliacation and will be notified.
Executive Officer (This is the highest rank you can get) Great job on making it to this rank. This is the highest rank you can get and you are now on the Executive Team.
Co-Owners This is the co-owners of the group.
GROUP HOLDER The account that holds the group.
Work here

If you want to work here then follow these simple steps.
First you will want to make sure you are in our group!
Next you want to take the application.
Next after you take the application you will be ranked to trainee position and you will need to attend a training to be ranked up and start working here.
After you attend and pass our training you will be ranked up to Cashier.
After this you can be ranked up. If you want more information about ranks you can go to the ranks tab.

Training Information

In order to get promoted to a Cashier, Cook, or Senior Staff then you will have to attend one of the trainings. Currently training times will be called on the group shout and will tell you 15-30 minutes before the training starts. You should join ATLEAST 5 minutes before the training starts to make sure you are in the server.

If you are planning to attend a training session then please stay on for the entire training session as you may miss importat information. You are allowed to go AFK during certain times of the training. It is important that you tell your training assistant so they will know. You are only allowed to go AFK for up to 5 minutes if it is more then you will miss important information. If you go AFK for time longer then this or don’t tell your training assistant then you could be kicked. Also the training server will lock right on the time that was posted on the group shout. Training times are all going to be in EST or EDT it is suggested that if your in a different time zone that you should use a time converter to see what time it is for you.