Knife making, need motivation


I made more knives for 2019, give me some criticism and motivate me to make more!

Knife making, need motivation (old)

A great way to get motivated is to find somebody else who is doing or has done what you are trying to accomplish and take inspiration from them.

I’m building a low-poly adventure game so when I need to be inspired I look my own past projects such as Super Paper Roblox, but then also look at the work of other talented devs such as Vesteria.

I’d advise you to just keep working at it, and most importantly have fun, keep trying new concepts and themes with your knives and you will notice yourself improve with each one.

As for what you have already made, I think it is very decent and looks great for the theme you decided to go with.

Hope this helps,


I tend to go with my gut feeling. If I’m not enjoying something anymore, I move on to something else that I know I enjoy more.

I can’t always manage to do this (let’s say it’s a job rather than a hobby) and so I try to find a way to make it more enjoyable. The previous replier mentioned working with someone else that is doing the same thing. I’d say working with anyone makes it enjoyable and gives you someone to talk to.

Purpose and motivation is important, your work looks good and I can see the effort you put into it. I wish you luck.