Knightlordian RPG Update Log

Update Log

Update #115 - Trojanville Revamp (Week 1)

  • 2 Areas have been revamped (Woods of Light and Death’s End)

  • All of the mobs in those areas have been revamped as well.

  • 1 New Weapons (Tenebris Longsword (Basically a 1/1 Drop from Tenebris))

  • Fixed the Aetheral Blade of Tenebris and Tenebrisal Scythe Names (Originally spelled ‘Tenerbis’)…

  • Fixed the Electro Shocker and Core Electro Shocker Names (Originally spelled ‘Electo’)…

  • All Superbosses in Trojanville have had their looks changed in some way… (This was done beforehand)

  • Nature’s Golem Light Guard has been renamed to Lightfer…

Update Archive

Update #60 - Knightland Revamp
  • Wicked Ice King, Molten Beast, Grass Warrior, Snow Devil, Gammo Corruptioner, Highlands Time Lord, Ghastloi, Soloria, Sandybeard, and Falldious have been revamped.

  • Knightland Finale has been revamped and should have more hd attacks.

  • Revamped 11 of the swords in the game

  • MOST of the Uni. 1 mobs have been revamped (Mainly due to non-matching revamped swords…)

  • Replaced Knightland statue at spawn (That was added last update, but forgot to be logged…)

  • Revamped the Knightland Portal Room (Again…)

  • More revamping on Knightland is to come. Thanks for your patience

Dev Note: Special thanks to darreanwolf1 for the sword revamps and RuthlessAngrydog4 for the Knightland Portal Room Revamp.

Update #59 - Universe 4 / Speedstonpia
  • New Universe (Speedstonpia)

  • Replaced the Spawn and Portal Room Button Icons

  • Revamped 14 of the swords in the game

  • 5 new Areas (Speedston Forest, Speedston City, Sandman’s Hell, Speedston Deadlands, and Speedston Ruins)

  • 5 new Armors and 10 new Swords.

  • Revamped the Knightland Portal Room

  • Special Boss Kills, like Mythic, Mystic, and Legendary will be logged on our public server

Dev Note: Special thanks to darreanwolf1 for the sword revamps and RuthlessAngrydog4 for the Knightland Portal Room Revamp.

Update #58 - Warritown Finale (Part 2)
  • 4 new Areas / Worlds (Warritown Tower (Outside, Floor 1, Floor 2, and Throne Room (Shortcut)))

  • 5 new swords and 3 new armors

  • 1 new Mega-Boss

  • Warritown Finale Boss has been added.

  • 1 new badge (Warritown Finale Badge)

Dev Note: Special thanks to namomee for the great build (aka Warritown Tower). It sure was worth the 1+ month wait.

Update #57 - Warritown Finale (Part 1)
  • 2 new Areas / Worlds (Warritown Outskirts and Warritown Gate)

  • 4 new swords and 2 new armors

  • 2 new Mega-Bosses

  • 6 new badges (All Mythic, Mystic, and Legendary Spawned bosses now have their own kill badge.)

Update #56 - 100K Event Challenges (Part 1)
  • 5 new Event Challenges (Can be found in Portal Castle)

  • 5 New Swords!

  • Fixed Queen Mystox not giving her badge

  • New Armor UI (Basically Equip Armors anywhere!) (Some armors are broken due to this (The helmets to be more exact))

  • Armors in the Portal Rooms have been removed due to the Armor UI

Update #55 - Trojanville Superbosses
  • 10 new Superboss Challenges (Can be found in Trojanville)

  • 10 New Swords!

  • Revamped the Knightland Guard Mega-Boss abit…

  • Easter Event has concluded.

  • Fixed Sakura Elemental (Again)

Update #54 - Excalibara Kingdom
  • 6 New Worlds (Too much to add here lol)

  • 12 new swords and 6 new armors.

  • 6 new Mega-Bosses (One of which is Legendary and is in a secret area…)

  • 6 new Badges (4 are boss badges, 1 is a secret, and 1 is a met owner badge!)

Update #53 - Bladen Camp / Easter 2022
  • 3 New Worlds (Bladen Camp (Part 1, 2, and 3))

  • 7 new swords 3 new armors.

  • 2 new Mega-Bosses

  • Easter Event 2022 is now active. (Head to the Event Challenges for more details…)

Update #52 - Bladen Rebellion
  • 3 New Worlds (Bladen Grasslands, Bladen Path, and Bladen Forest)

  • Grinding in the first few areas has been made a bit easier.

  • Mega-Bosses drops are now guaranteed. (Well a majority of the drops.)

  • 5 new swords and 3 new armors!

  • 3 New Mega-Bosses

  • 1 new weapon type (It’s a damn staff…)

  • Level Up UI is no longer cropped

  • Nerfed the 1Qn Sword’s cooldown

Update #51 - Swordsa Badlands / Reopening
  • New world (Swordsa Badlands)

  • Fixed a majority of the main sounds and music (Due to the Mar. 22, 2022 sound update…) (Note: Some things may be broken still.)

  • 2 new swords and 1 new armor!

  • Did some house keeping…

  • New modified UI!

  • VIP Servers are now free!

Update #50 - Universe 3 / Warritown
  • New Universe (Warritown)

  • TP to Spawn and Portal Room UI buttons are now on the left.

  • 10 New Swords and 4 New Armors

  • 4 New Worlds in Warritown (Swordsa Village, Swordsa Plains, Swordsa Desert, and Swordsa Tundra)

Update #49 - St. Patrick's Day Event
  • 4 New Event Challenges (For St. Patrick’s Day)

  • New Mob Health UI’s

  • 4 New Swords

  • Fixed Animations (i think…)

  • Mob’s Animations are a bit glitchy, I’m aware of this, I’ll look into it asap…

Update #48 - Trojanville Finale
  • 3 New Mega-Boss

  • 2 new Badges

  • Nerfed Shattered Crusher

  • Trojanville finale has been added…

Update #47 - Mystics' Canyon
  • 1 New Area (Mystics’ Canyon)

  • 1 New Mega-Boss

  • Tenebris now has a badge!

  • 2 New Gamepass Weapons! (That are a bit overpriced…) (See game store for details…)

Dev Note: Special Thanks to communitymonster for the Dreamlands Scythe and swagtemmie for the Great Sword of the Griffin…

Update #46 - Death's End
  • 2 New Area (Voided Sea and Death’s End)

  • 3 New Mega-Bosses…

  • Added the Multi-Hits for less grinding

  • Fixed Slow Servers (This isn’t guaranteed though…)

Dev Note: Special Thanks to CyanTheInfGod for the Death’s End Mega-Boss Submission and Vienyx for helping me with the Slow Server Problem!

Update #45 - Swamp of Darkness
  • 1 New Area (Swamp of Darkness)

  • 1 New Mega-Boss (It’s a trojan btw…)

  • Revamped both the Sandstone Hammer and the White Knight’s Sword

  • Fixed Portals (I hope…) (Keep in mind they may tp you more then once…)

Update #44 - Forbiddea Mountain
  • 1 New Area (Forbiddea Mountain)

  • 1 New Mega-Boss (First of it’s kind)

  • Critical and Missed Attacks have been added (Missed attacks may be nerfed in the future.) (Credits to DatLitOOf for the kit)

  • Redid the Drop from the Elder Grass Brute.

  • Greatswords will now deal multi-hit attacks! (Credits to ej0w for the kit)

Update #43 - Trojanville Caverns
  • 1 New Area (Trojanville Caverns) (Wait there’s more)

  • 1 New Mega-Boss

  • Nerfed the Mega-Boss Spawn Rates

  • Renamed Stoned Grass Brute to Elder Grass Brute (Due to some secondary definitions…)

  • Much more to come!

Update #42 - Vikings' Pillage
  • 1 New Area (Blindoling Village) (Wait there’s more)

  • 1 New Mega-Boss

  • Modified the Health and Damage System (This is to make sure Knightlordian RPG’s Future doesn’t have any problems…)

  • Armors will now say “X Armor” instead of “X” (X being the armor name…)

  • Lvl. Cap has been removed (In other words, there is no more cap!)

Update #41 - Owonsal Plains
  • 3 New Areas (Toxiallo Wasteland, Owonsal Plains, and Disarti Beach)

  • 3 New Mega-Bosses

  • Raid of Zaphix Event has Ended… Thanks for playing!

  • Fixed a Bug with the Sword Damaging (Other bugs as well may have been fixed idk…)

Update #40 - Superbosses Pt. 2
  • 3 New Mega Bosses (Can be found in Universe 1)

  • Fixed Time Leaderboards

  • Other stuff I forgot about!

Dev Note: These 3 new superbosses pretty much rap-up Knightland, expansion-wise, but updates on Knightland may still happen…

Update #39 - Bloomyness Garden
  • 3 New Areas! (Bloomyness Garden, GloTown Outskirts, and Toganville Peaks)

  • 3 New Swords

  • 3 New Mega-Bosses (Which drop swords!)

  • Lvl. Cap as been Increased to 1Qd…

Dev Note: Be ready for the next update as it will include the 1T Sword! Also Thanks to swagtemmie for the Mega-Boss Weapons!

Update #38 - Sherlock's Revenge
  • 3 New Areas (Elker Castle, Troganville Retreat #2, and Valley of Times (Yes, Sherlock Times has returned, you can face him here!))

  • 3 New Mega-Bosses

  • A New Secret / Easter Egg… (See if you can find it!)

  • Bugs that scared me away…

Update #37 - Raid of Zaphix (Week 3)
  • 2 New Mega-Bosses… (Not in Knightland this time…)

  • 2 New Swords!

  • Other stuff soon…

Dev Note: Week 4 is the finale of the Zaphix Event! Find the bosses while you still can!

Update #36 - Urbaniam Mineshafts
  • 1 New Area (Urbaniam Mineshafts)

  • 3 New Swords! (One is from the mega-boss, which due to how powerful he is, his drop is not a drop chance…)

  • A new rigged mega-boss (I’m not kidding, even the pros will have trouble…)

  • Lvl. Cap has been increased to 10T…

Update #35 - Raid of Zaphix (Week 2)
  • 2 New Mega-Bosses…

  • 2 New Swords!

  • Fixed the Divinizio Statue in Blazewave Ruins…

Update #34 - Blazewave Ruins
  • New Area (Blazewave Ruins, there’s more to it then what meets the eye)

  • Fixed Goblin Prince’s Rank (It should say Mega-Boss, instead of Regular…)

Update #33 - Raid of Zaphix (Week 1)
  • 2 New Mega-Bosses…

  • 2 New Swords!

  • Fixed the Iced Crystallineas’ Spawn Message (The percentage was wrong…)

Dev Note: I know it might be overkill to start the year off with an update, but this January marks my 10th year Anniversary on YT. So I decided to make this mini event, Raid of Zaphix. This whole month Prince Bluevie II and his gang of 6 other leaders of BWK are raiding Knightland and some of Troganville. 2 New mega-bosses will be added each week, before January ends. Good luck! Even on finding them…

Update #32 - Sakura Cliffs
  • 2 New Worlds (Sakura Cliffs and Bewitched Bayou)

  • 2 New Mega-Bosses

  • 4 New Swords

  • Other bugs that might of pass by me

Dev Note: Special Thanks to Konathans for the map for Bewitched Bayou. Also This may be the last BIG update for 2021. I mean it this time… Other updates may be small fixes or patches. Happy new year!

Update #31 - Superboss Buffs
  • Pre-God of Urban Nightmares can now shoot beams.

  • Giga Knight can now slam his sword, instant-killing you in the process.

  • Sir Timeworkz can now freeze you, except you are COMPLETLY Frozen.

  • Icedis can freeze you as well, not as bad as Timeworkz though.

  • Christmas, 10K Visits, and New Years 2022 Event Bosses have been removed. Thanks for challenging them!

Update #30 - New Years 2022 / 10K Visits Events
  • 2 New Mega-Bosses (Can be found in Knightland Dunes and Knightland Fortress)

  • 2 New Event Challenges (2022 New Years Event and 10K Visits)

Update #29 - Knightland Finale Revamp
  • Redid the boss area of Knightland Finale

  • Final Boss of Knightland is WAY bigger! (This was changed, since the future finale bosses will be as big.)

Update #28 - Frosted Forest Cave
  • 1 New Area (Frosted Forest Cave)

  • 1 New Mega-Boss

  • 2 New Swords

Dev Note: Special Thanks to Konathans for Frosted Forest Cave’s map!

Update #27 - Autumnal Grove
  • 1 New Area (Autumnal Grove)

  • 4 New Mega-Bosses (All of which are in Troganville.)

  • Dragon of the Elkers now drops the sword.

Dev Note: Special Thanks to Konathans for Frosted Forest Cave’s map!

Update #26 - Superbosses Pt. 1
  • Superboss Portal Room is now open!

  • 5 New Superbosses (Can be found in Superbosses Portal Room)

  • 5 New Swords, that are all not drop chances…

Dev Note: This was suggested for me to add by alot of grinders, so here you are!

Update #25 - Troganville Retreat 1/3
  • 3 New Areas (Woods of Light, Troganville Retreat #1, and Gobliny Campzone)

  • Bosses have been fixed (Somewhat…)

  • Fixed the outer zoom limit in Troganville.

  • Got rid of Day / Night Cycle. (To save your very own eyes from darkness)

  • Lvl. Cap has been increased to 2B

Update #24 - Even More Mega Bosses
  • 6 New (Spawned) Mega Bosses (2 in Knightland and 4 in Troganville)

  • Thanksgiving Event has concluded (Yes there’s going to be a Christmas Event as well.)

  • Obsidian Armor is faster!

Dev Note: Thanks to Konathans for some of the Boss Concepts!

Update #23 - Drop Chance Nerfs and Tree of the Undergrounders
  • 2 New Worlds! (Elker Orclands and Elker Tree of the Undergrounders)

  • Mobs the drop swords, will now have a high chance to drop that sword…

Update #22 - Epic Sword Gamepasses
  • 3 New Gamepasses!

  • 3 New Swords that deal 350K to 500K dmg

Dev Note: They cost 250 R$ since this game is going to get harder as you progress

Update #21 - X-Mas Event
  • Reopened the Game!

  • 4 New Bosses / Challenges

  • New Day / Night Cycle has been modified

  • Added the Old Music Back…

Update #20 - Universe 2 / Troganville
  • Universe 2 (aka Troganville) is here (you can find it in the Universe Portal Room which is in Portal Castle!)

  • Fixed Sherlock Time’s boss spawn message not showing up.

  • Replaced HD Admin with Kohl’s Admin (as suggested by some of you…)

Update #19 - More Mega Bosses
  • 13 New (Spawned) Mega Bosses (I’m not kidding, ask Konathans…)

  • Thanksgiving Event has concluded (Yes there’s going to be a Christmas Event as well.)

  • Obsidian Armor is faster!

Dev Note: Thanks to Konathans for the Boss Concepts!

Update #18 - Knightland Finale
  • 1 New Areas (Knightland Fortress (Requires the Key to the Knightland Fortress to Get In…))

  • 1 New Weapon (A rare drop too…)

  • 1 New Boss (Finale of Knightland)

Dev Note: Also Thanks to Konathans for the Boss Design and Concept!

Update #17 - Forgotten Path
  • 2 New Areas (Knightland Dunes and Knightland Path of the Forgotten)

  • 2 New Weapons (No rare drops though…)

  • 2 New Bosses

  • 1K Event has concluded…

Dev Note: Next Expansion is said to be the Final Boss and area of Knightland, be prepared!

Update #15 - Scrapyard Canyon
  • 1 New Area (Scrapyard Canyon)

  • 1 New Weapon

  • 1 New Boss

  • Non-Armed Mobs now have different attack animations

Dev Note: Special Thanks to Konathans for designing Scrapyard Canyon!

Update #14 - Thanksgiving Mega-Bosses
  • 4 New Mega-Bosses (Spawn Locations are secret, but they aren’t that hard to miss…)

  • 4 New Weapons (Note: These are really op, thus having a rare chance to get it… GL!)

  • Removed Rainbow Effect in Crystal Hideout (Due to Lag…)

Update #13 - Knightland Dungeon & XP Update
  • 1 New Area (Knightland Dungeon (Pretty much like Knightland Highlands))

  • 3 new Swords

  • 4 New Boss

  • 1 New Rare Drop (You’ll need it for later ;)…)

  • XP Mobs will give you more XP!

Dev Note: Special Thanks to Konathans for designing Knightland Dungeon!

Update #12 - Solore Desert / Temple
  • 2 New Areas (Solore Desert and Solore Temple)

  • 3 new Swords (Two of them are rare drops!)

  • 2 New Boss

  • 2x XP / Gold Event has concluded

  • Cap has been increased to 1B

  • New Music!

Dev Note: Happy Halloween and Thanks for your patience!

Update #11 - Knightland Lost Plains
  • 1 New Area (Knightland Lost Plains)

  • 2 new Swords (One of them is another rare drop!)

  • 1 New Boss

Update #10 - Knightland Highlands
  • 1 New Area (Knightland Highlands (Might sound small, however it’s bigger then any other realm so far…))

  • 3 New Bosses

  • 3 New Swords

  • Other stuff I couldn’t remember.

Dev Note: Special thanks to Konathans for helping out with this mega update!

Update #9 - Boss Revamps
  • The following bosses now have boss stages, boss portals, are now bigger, and tp you upon death… (Wicked Ice King, Molten Beast, Grass Warrior, Snow Devil, Gammo Corruptioner, and Giga Zombie of Zombies)

Dev Note: It’s small, but was suggested by most of you guys so enjoy!

Update #8 - New Mega-Bosses
  • 2 New Mega-Bosses

  • 2 New Rare Swords

  • A 2nd Part to this update is coming soon!

Dev Note: Special Thanks to Konathans for the mega boss submissions!

Update #7 - Crystal Hideout
  • 2 New Areas (Knightland Graveyard and Crystal Hideout)

  • 3 New Swords

  • 2 New Armors

  • Removed the Custom Backpack…

Dev Note: Special Thanks to Konathans for another great realm design!

Update #6 - Corrupted Wasteland
  • 3 New Areas (Neverfrost Tundra, Knightland Castle: The Castle Top, Wasteland of Corruption (It was submitted by a player, which is why it looks “different”))

  • 3 New Swords

  • 3 New Armors

  • Fixed the ??? Spawned boss with it’s hat…

Dev Note: Special Thanks to Konathans for making and suggesting the realm!

Update #5 - Sacred Sword and Valley
  • 2 New Areas (Knightland Hills and Valley of the Sacred Elder Blade)

  • 3 New Swords

  • 2 New Armors

  • Hammer of Iron Blood (Dropped by the Iron Guardam Mega-Boss) has been buffed due to it’s rarity

  • New Mega-Boss that rarely spawns and has a rare drop… Good Luck!

Update #4 - Firestone Warzone
  • New Area! (Firestone Warzone)

  • New Sword!

  • New Armor!

Update #3 - Summit of Wintry Feels
  • New Area

  • Revamped Portal Room into Portal Castle

  • Iron Guardam Now drops a weapon (Doesn’t drop every time though…)

Dev Note: Special Thanks to Droplet074 once again for Iron Guardam Weapon Animations!

Update #2 - Knightland Castle
  • Added new spawned mob! (Iron Guardam)

  • New Area! (Knightland Castle)

  • New Sword!

  • New Armor!

Update #1 - Grand Opening
  • 3 Starter Worlds

  • 1 Starter Shop

  • 7 New Swords (1 Starter Sword, 3 Shop Swords ,and 3 Boss Swords)

  • Published the Game for the public!

Dev Note: This game was made possible with the help of Droplet074’s New RPG Kit!