Knights of The Sun Lore [Part 5]: The Fall of The Ovum

The years begin in at Z.E. (Zarek Area). The time before that is know as B.Z.E. (Before Zarek Era).

The Fall of The Ovum (Z.E. 3681-3682)

After Skorlar Was Defeated:

After the Knights of The Sun reclaimed Ignus they drove out the Ovum from Eshia they continued to wage war against them. They fought many battles, and many died on the Ovum’s side, but for the Knights of The Sun, it was costing them only a fraction of their riches. This was true until one day, when the Ovum discontinued their strikes upon the northern border. Infact, you couldn’t even see any activity miles out from the border. This remained for about a month, until a huge Ovum Army attacked the main Northern Border of Ishtag. William had to send both Mine and Cursed out to fight the battle because it was so fierce.

The battle took many lives, and much of the land was destroyed and charred, but in the end… it was won. But other than the land and soldiers that were destroyed… there were two more losses from the battle.

The Death of Mine:

The battle, along with destroying much of the northern landscape and killing many knights… took the life of Mine. He fought with much valor and bravery but the many Ovum mages were too much for the great warrior, he was forever gone…

The Good News:

There is, however, good news. This being that almost all of the Ovum’s forces had gone into the one final attack on Eshia. In the following weeks the Knights of The Sun swiftly destroyed the Ovum’s remaining forces. Those who survived the wipe out scurried away into the wicked forests of the north.