Knights of The Sun Lore [Part 9]: The Infamous Captain Rotwinn

The years begin in at Z.E. (Zarek Area). The time before that is know as B.Z.E. (Before Zarek Era).

Being Discovered (Z.E. 3683) [The day after Part 8 took place.]


The Sun rose and so did the knights. Somehow they had to figure out how to stop the fleet from attacking Eshia, and so the came together behind one of the huts. As they were brainstorming, one newly recruited knight named Vespertinus Obanu proposed an idea.

“Um, Lord William, if I may, I heard a few pirates talking about a large supply of explosives that they were holding in each ship’s hull. If we could get one person to go and set off the explosives in the flag ship, I’m sure that would set off a reaction and destroy the rest of the fleet.”

William though for a moment. “Hm… Well, I don’t see any reason for that not to work! Let’s do it! Now-” But before William could finish a group of pirates jumped out from behind a wall.

“We heard every word of that!” One of the pirates began. “So you are the people who discovered our plan! Get them boys!”

“Quick everyone!” Another knight yelled. This knight’s name was Ace Sevantyr. She continued, “Lord William! The reefs would be the safest place for us! Our ships were carried there by the current, we could get onto the flagship with them!”

“Alright, lets go!” And thus they ran off into the forest with a crowd of pirates chasing after them.

The Reef

Finally after an hour-long chase through the forest and a few minutes of swimming the knights found their way to the reef, and has Ace had said their ships were waiting for them. And almost as fast as they came, they set off upon their boats.

The Battle Of Mare (Z.E. 3683)

The Naval Battle

As they were sailing towards the flag ship the sun began to rise and their location was made known to the fleet, and at this time the Captain had been informed off the intruders, therefore the entire fleet of pirate ships began shooting their canons at the small group of 20 ships. (This number fell as some ships were hit and sunk.) As they got closer, they were pelted by even more cannonballs raining down upon them. The conditions were becoming unbearable, with horrible explosions and loud noises from every side. Many of the crew members were falling off and getting hit, we lost many knights that day.

But finally… after so very long they made to the flag ship, and they all quickly entered before anything bad could happen.

The Ground Battle

After this they looked around to rescue Codrane, but when they finally stumbled upon him he was guarded by many pirates, and a large battle began on the inside of the ship. Finally when the pirates were defeated the knights freed Codrane, and caught him up on the plan.

“Yarrr! Alright my boys! I will detonate the bombs! You all get out! I will see you all when of this is done!” Then he ran off into the deeper parts of the ship.

As the knights turned away to exit the ship, they heard a loud laugh from somewhere in the shadows. “Well… well… well,” the voice said. “If it isn’t the Knights of the Sun. Honestly I was wondering why my old friend Codrane was here. I thought swore never to sail again. Anyways… I am quite surprised to pick up on our plan, but you did defeat Seerigos after all… Oh, well that’s not really saying much.”

“Who’s there!?” William called out.

“Why, its me! Captain Rotwinn of the Eclipses Pirates! Now die you fools!” And he rushed at them with the speed of a bullet.

At first the battle was anyone’s victory, but that all changed when Captain Rotwinn called out for reinforcements, and about 300 pirates came hurrying form the deck. This caused the knights to be pushed towards the door, but after being forced far enough they stopped and began to push against the pirates. The knights were then able to take out around half of the pirates. “This ends now!” The Captain yelled. Again Rotwinn called for even more pirates and they came - from the lower deck this time - and finally the Knights had to exit to the ship’s deck.

When they got out though, they were surrounded by even more pirates, and there was a large canon on the head of the ship. It swiveled around towards the knights. They stared down the long barrel of the giant canon.

“Is this where it ends?” One knight asked.

And then the canon fired, and the bang of the explosions was so very loud. However over the shot the knights heard Wiliam’s voice: “No!” And as he yelled this he used his Sun Magic to shield them therefore instead of exploding the knights it only flung them high into the sky. The flight was terrifying, but the shield lasted long enough that the impact on the sea only knocked the wind out of them.

There was still much debris from the destroyed ships that had fallen when they sailed for the flag ship thus the knights swam to the largest pieces and looked at the flag ship.

“Codrane is our only hope now…” William said, with a sigh.

“How will he escape the ship before it detonates with all of those pirates on board?” Ace asked.

“I don’t think he ever planned to…” Vox Sur’thek, who was standing behind them, said sadly.

And then just a few moments later… they heard from far off… “Consider this a mutiny!” and then a huge explosion shot up from the flag ship, hitting the smaller ships and causing explosions from inside of them aswell. Everyone watched in awe, but also in sadness… for Codrane was now dead.

But before they could morn any longer the shockwave of the large explosion reached them and they were pushed in all different directions.

The Conclusion At The Coast (Z.E. 3683) [6 days after the Battle Of Mare]


The next thing the knights knew, they were in Wano Paravel once again. You see, after seeing the huge explosion the sailors of Wano sailed over to find out what had happened, and there they found a huge, mess of wood and scrap from the fleet. They also found many unconscious knights. After being discovered the knights were taken back to the port and were cared for.

William awoke much later than the other knights, but when he did he was surrounded by many of his friends. Hex, Vox, Ace, Joo, Hiro, Goof, Sand, and Kevin.

“Ugh… ouch…” He said, grabbing his head. Then his mind went to Codrane. “Is… Is… he really gone?”

“I’m afraid so,” Hex said. “I didn’t really know him like all of you did, but he seemed to be a good man. Many of the knights are still morning for him. Anyhow, when shall we leave?”

“As soon as everyone is recovered, we will head out. Until then though, let just take a break… I’m sure we are all tired.” After this there came a knock on the room’s door.

“Enter.” Joo said, and a group of sailors entered.

“Sun Lord William, we have heard about the threat of Eclipsus, and us, and many of the local sailors wish to join the Eshian Navy, that way we can help put an end to this mess!”

William smiled at this. “Alright then! You will come home to Ignus with us once we are all recovered.” Then he stopped and turned to Hex. “You know, we are putting together a nice little Anti-Eclipsus team aren’t we?” He grinned. “I mean we have the Yonshay, the monks, and now these sailors!”


Finally after everyone had recovered it was time to head back to Ignus village. They said their goodbyes to the odd towns people and were back on the road.

The night of after the knights were rescued...

The night after the warriors had been picked up by the Wano Pairvel sailors Captain Rotwinn washed up on the shore of the Blundoor Coast. He was to weak to walk, and that is why he did not run from the man in golden armor who approached him. The man was walking slowly, so that Rotwinn’s fear lasted the longest it could.

“Oh, another failure. How disappointing.” The man said.

“Eclipsus… wait! I-it wasn’t my fault! Plea-”

Silence you peasant! You failed me, thus I will know fail to have mercy!” His voice was raspy and mean, but his look was excited, like he had been waiting for this. Then he leaned down and shoved Rotwinn’s face into the wet sand. Rotwinn knew not to scream, but he did anyways… for he knew it was either suffocation or Elcipsus that would kill him. He would not live, and he knew it.

Then as the air left his lungs and the sand entered Eclipsus began extracting the Suraa from him. His fingers push his head, and pulling the powerful substance.

The screams were muffled by the sand.

Knights of The Sun… I am coming.