Knights of The Sun Weapon Guide [KTS]

Greetings, this is a guide on the weapons of our group, The Knights of The Sun.

The Linked Sword

The Linked Sword is the most common sword in medieval war groups. This is because it is both powerful and classic. With a slash attack and a lunge, there are not many things that can overcome this weapon.
Click once to slash. Double click to lunge doing much more damage. The lunge is powerful, but it has a weakness. After you have lunged, there is about a 1 second opening. This is enough time for a skilled swordsman to take the victory.

The Sun Smasher

The Sun Smasher was the very 1st custom weapon in the KTS. Although it is slow, once you throw the weapon down it does 45 damage! This weapon also has more range than others.

The Sun Ray

The Sun Ray is our version on a sword. It is much faster than the Sun Smasher and does 22 damage for each hit.

The Sun Bow

The Sun Bow is our 1st ranged weapon to ever be made. It was created by boomthefist. This weapon is fast, with arrows that can pierce even the strongest armor. Click to fire a single arrow. After your bow has reloaded, hold it for a few seconds. Once you hear a noise, then your bow is ready to fire 3 arrows at an amazing speed.

There may be more weapons added in the future. I have to thank boomthefist for helping to check if my code would work, and for making the bow.