Know about me! ~ (fluffymoonly)

Hi, i am fluffymoonly this is my first time posting on devforum community! I hope you welcome me :gift_heart:

About me ~

• You may only call me “mufy” but
actually i am a boy so you can
sometimes call me “junior or craft”

• I dont accept friend request on
roblox but if you meet me in Roblox
games your welcome to say hi to

If theres anything you want to ask about me let me know in the chat :point_down:, and sorry i speak bad English so i hope you understand it!

You can check out my Roblox profile anytime if you want! And when I’m online and playing Roblox, you can join me!

Thanks, have a nice day :heart:


If you are my friend on Roblox reading this, your always welcome in here!

I’ll add the Question And Answer’s Soon (Q&A’s)