Knowing if user is over 13?

Hello developers,
I wanna know if i can use Spatial voice to know if the user is over 13. I don’t really know if it works because i still don’t have it(I’m not verified older than 13). And i want to do this because, I’m concerned that I’m making a drawing guess game but I’m afraid player’s may draw something inappropriate. Thanks for helping me!

a google search would give you the answer:

personally, i think developers shouldnt have this kind of info for privacy and protection, but hey thats just my opinion


Thanks for helping me! i just wanna know if i can use Spatial voice to know if user is over 13, but i think it matches. and sorry i didn’t search first.
my internet is very slow

im pretty sure its setup by law that you cant access that info iirc.

and dont worry, i live out in rural country with satellite internet, so i know the pain of slow internet

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This may help to a degree.

This is a function which works for the local player and returns whether or not that user has voice chat enabled.