Checking if someone is over 13?

  • What are you attempting to achieve? (Keep it simple and clear)
    Find out if someone is over 13 years old

( Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, first time creating a thread )

Alright, so I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to check if someone is over 13 on ROBLOX.

We’re trying to implement something that only kids over 13 can see. So, is there a way to make that happen in a game? I’m talking about their actual age, not their ROBLOX age. I know that when you create a ROBLOX account, you have to put in your age. So just wondering if it’s something developers can use in scripts?

I’ve searched through the wiki, and couldn’t find anything.

sorry if it sounds weird I did not intend for it to be like this


You can’t and you shouldn’t. What’s your use case?

If it’s for chat reasons, Chat:CanUserChatAsync is infinitely more reliable than their age.


To clarify, Roblox isn’t allowed to give PII like this to developers due to internet safety laws.



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Although there is technically a method, it’s best not to explore it. If you have content which relies on determining the age of a User and feel it needs to be done now, I’d hold back on the project until ROBLOX releases more information about Game Ratings mentioned in RDC 2018. They’ll probably provide some way to handle this correctly.


Excuse the bump. But I have a use-case for this where mild gore could be enabled for those above 13, and disabled for those below. Do you still think one shouldn’t?

Before you mention it; having mild gore disabled by default and leaving it optionable isn’t very intriguing in my scenario.

I really don’t believe letting developers know whether a user’s provided age is above 13 or below through some official API would be privacy concerning as this means the user’s provided age can be anywhere between 1 and 12 or 13 and above. The information is very vague and would at best be very helpful in improving the initial user-experience. Additionally, there’s no way to know whether the user provided accurate information or not.


You shouldn’t make something 13+ on Roblox until age ratings come out. If you want to keep it, make it a toggle defaulted to off.


Hey guys, my friend accidentally found byfar the best method. Roblox has a policy service and inside that they have a allowed external links. With that if discord is allowed as a external link they are 13+ if not then they aren’t.

With that being said, however, you still aren’t allowed to show Discord links to people in-game, even once checking.

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No, beacuse discord isn’t just 13+.
Some places it’s 15+ etc.
See for more info.