Kobei | Community Guidelines


This section holds all the information concerning our staff management and customer regulations. We ask that you read them carefully since failure to respect the Kobei Community Guidelines will result in disciplinary action.

The community guidelines section will be split into two categories for the benefit of organisation: customer regulations and staff regulations. If you believe you have been falsely banned for any reason, please contact an MR+.

Customer Regulations

:blue_book: As a customer, you are not an official Kobei staff member, therefore you are not required to follow our staff regulations. However, you will need to use common sense and cooperate inside Kobei’s games. Our basic rule for trolls is that we will give one reminder before kicking. If this continues and they rejoin, we will be forced to ban the troller. In addition, below are the primary community rules.

1 - Bypassing

Bypassing the chat filter of any sort will result in a permanent ban [Trello Ban].

2 - Disrespecting

Disrespecting staff will result in a reminder, followed by a kick, then a ban, being given in a step by step motion.

3 - Glitching

Glitching will result in being kicked once as a final reminder. If continued, you will then be banned if you still proceed to glitch.

4 - Spamming

Spamming will result in a kick if it is not major [Short texts, non-explicit], and, if the spammer happens to continue once they rejoin, we are forced to ban them.

5 - Major Spamming

Major Spamming [Large texts, explicit] will result in a ban or permanent ban depending on the severity of the text used.

6 - Exploiting/Hacking

Exploiting will result in a permanent ban as it poses a threat to the basic operations of our establishment.

7 - Raiding

Raiding will result in a server ban if the user raiding is not a bot. If the user is part of a bot-raid, we will then permanently ban them.

8 - Excessive Capitals

Excessive Capitals will result in NO GIVEN WARNINGS as there is simply no harm in using all capitals unless it is intended as a form of disrespect, hence we must follow the disrespect procedure if so.


:scroll: Thank you for taking the time to read our community guidelines. All regulations listed here must be followed at all times whilst visiting and working at Kobei and all related establishments. If you are unable to follow these regulations it will result in consequences decided by our staff team.