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Kohaú | Updates & Credits

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Released: 2/10/24

Hello everyone! We’re releasing our first ever Valentine’s Day update! This update is pretty small because we’ve been focused on a bigger feature and bug fixes but hopefully you’ll enjoy! Don’t forget to unlock all of the exclusive Valentine’s Day chef benefits items as well. We’ve published some common bug fixes and quality of life changes as well with more coming this weekend. Enjoy!

:heartpulse: Valentine’s Day
:cake: New Dessert
:love_letter: Card Sending

Kohaú | Update Archive

V3 Updates
February 2024 Chef Benefits: Valentine's Day

Hey everyone! New chef benefits have released! Your XP has reset and you can earn Valentine’s Day themed items! Earn XP by doing basic tasks such as cleaning, serving, being active, etc. Unlock limited time prizes with XP based on the theme! Collect the items before the first week of March. For more information, go to the upper right corner in the game, click “Rewards”, then “Chef Benefits”. Enjoy!

:rose: Level 1: Rose Nametag (Gamepass only)
:sushi: Level 2: 10 Sushi Rolls
:heartpulse: Level 3: Heart Trail (Gamepass only)
:sparkling_heart: Level 4: Heart Particle
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Level 5: Uniform (Gamepass only)
:love_letter: Level 6: Trick

Mod Call

Hello everyone! One of our most common suggestions for many years has been a mod call system. We hear you and today we’re bringing it to Kohaú! Read below for information on how it works. We also did a few more changes based on your suggestions.

:phone: Mod Call:

  • Click the button at the top of your screen that says “Mod Call”. You can only submit a report if there’s no MR+ in the server.
  • It will display people with 2 or more warnings. Select the individual you’d like to report.
  • Add an optional description. The user’s warnings will be sent with the report so only add information not included in their warnings.
  • Once you submit the report, their name will be removed from the list and an Executive will come as soon as possible.
  • These are the report cooldowns: Junior Hibachi Chef-Hibachi Chef = 5 minutes. Head Hibachi Chef, Senior Hibachi Chef, and Certified Hibachi Chef = 2 minutes.
  • If you abuse the mod call system, we will disable your ability to send reports.

:alarm_clock: Break Room Changes:

  • Added mute music and SFX settings.
  • Muted sounds and hid particles on other players to minimize distractions.
  • Added check marks on earned items.

:fire: Other Changes:

  • Daily rewards will now appear every time you join and you will have the ability to restore your streak for 24 hours.
  • Changed “Meet a Corporate” quest to “Meet a High Rank” (Manager+). Should be easier to complete!
January 2024 Chef Benefits: Toy

Hello everyone! A new chef benefits theme has released! Your XP has reset and you can earn toy themed items! Earn XP by doing basic tasks such as cleaning, serving, being active, etc. Unlock limited time prizes based on the theme with XP! The items will be available until the first week of February. For more information, go to the upper right corner in the game, click “Rewards”, then “Chef Benefits”. Enjoy!

:duck: Level 1: Rubber Duck Nametag (Gamepass only)
:sushi: Level 2: 10 Sushi Rolls
:jigsaw: Level 3: Puzzle Trail (Gamepass only)
:teddy_bear: Level 4: Teddy Bear Particle
:red_car: Level 5: Toy Uniform (Gamepass only)
:star: Level 6: Trick

AFK Break Room

Hello everyone! Today, we’re bringing you our final major content update of the year! The full update log is below.

:alarm_clock: AFK Break Room:

  • Chefs and Executives can head to a teleporter behind the counter to teleport to the break room.
  • The break room is meant to be a place to visit when you’re busy (homework, chores, etc) and cannot actively work at the restaurant. Enjoy scenic views and relaxing music.
  • Every 10 minutes, you will get a reward (Sushi Rolls, XP, particle, trail, nametag, uniform).
  • Players with Roblox Premium have a higher chance to earn the rare rewards.
  • The chat is disabled (for now) because it’s not meant to be a social hangout. Additionally, this isn’t a supplement for regular chef activities, but rather a way to earn minor rewards instead of leaving the game.
  • Minutes for Executive requirements and the leaderboards won’t be counted here.
  • The prizes will be changed every few months. If you already have earned an item, you will get Sushi Rolls or XP instead. View the chances for different rewards at the top of your screen.
  • You can view all of your past rewards in the logs UI so you can see what you missed while AFK.

:icecream: New Ice Cream Flavors: Added matcha and taro taiyaki ice cream.
:birthday: Birthday Celebrations: Celebrating your birthday at Kohaú? Order birthday cake taiyaki ice cream which comes with candles!

Holiday Update 2023 Part 2

Hey everyone! Today, we’re bringing the next part of our holiday update. All of the information can be found below. Make sure you buy the Snowball Launcher and Flying Sleigh gamepasses before they go off sale in just a couple weeks. Enjoy!

:gift: Advent Calendar: Log into the game every day to receive a free gift such as a secret recipe, Sushi Rolls, Points, particles, trails, and more! Lasts until December 25th.
:snowflake: Holiday Cards: Send holiday cards to your friends! Customize the design and message of your card. The player does not have to be currently playing to send them a card.
:elf: Elf Event: An elf is hidden around the restaurant! If you can find it, interact with the elf and your username will be logged. We will randomly select 5 winners each day to get an exclusive nametag that very few people will own! The elf moves every day at 12:00 AM EST. Lasts until December 25th.
:sparkles: New Particle Pack: Use your Sushi Roll gifts from the advent calendar to buy this new space themed particle pack!

Holiday Update 2023 Part 1, December 2023 Chef Benefits: Candy

Happy holidays! Here at Kohaú, this is our favorite season of the year so we love to go all out for the update. However, since we have so much planned, this update will be split into two parts. The second part will be released on December 14th at 4:00 PM EST (12 days before Christmas… :eyes:). The full list of what’s in part 1 is below. Enjoy!

:christmas_tree: Decorated Map: Festive decorations and snow falling all around the map!
:santa: Santa Event: Reach a server donation goal of 2,000 Robux for Santa to fly over the restaurant and drop gifts with a rare secret yule log recipe (limited time), Sushi Rolls, and Points! The secret recipe will be in the game forever but can only help obtained this month so act fast!
:coffee: Limited Foods: For this month only, order hot chocolate or holiday rolls with your meal! If your chef has unlocked the yule log secret recipe, you may also request that!
:snowflake: Snowball Throwing: Go onto a pile of snow and click q (PC) or the button on the right side of your screen (mobile). Throw snowballs once every few seconds to cause chaos!
:ice_skate: Ice Skating: Visit the frozen lake near the merch shop and run onto the ice to equip your skates! Who’s going to make the coolest designs in the ice?
:blush: Naughty/Nice List: Check if you’re on the naughty or nice list this year by visiting Santa in the merch shop!
:snowman_with_snow: Holiday NPCs: Rare Santa and elf NPCs that give double the rewards!
:sparkles: Holiday Particle Pack: Check out the shop for a holiday particle pack!

Also, a new chef benefits has been released with the theme candy! Earn XP by doing tasks to unlock limited time themed items. You have until the first week of January to collect the items before they go away forever!


Hello everyone! Since it’s the season of giving, we’re introducing a gifting feature! You can now buy gamepasses, Points, and Sushi Rolls for your friends and peers. Interact with a player to pull up the “Tip & Gift” UI. From there, you can: tip up to 5 Sushi Rolls, tip Robux, gift gamepasses, and gift Points & Sushi Rolls at the same price as the shop.

More Details:

  • The Robux tipping UI now displays what will happen when you tip a certain amount (ex: confetti, lantern show, etc).
  • To gift someone, you must buy the item for Robux at the typical price. This is different from tipping.
  • When you gift an item, please make sure you know that it’s going to the person you selected and NOT yourself.
  • The player cannot already own a gamepass if you want to gift it.
  • The player will be notified once you send a gift and it will show in the chat.
November 2023 Chef Benefits: Camping

Hello everyone! A new set of chef benefits has released! Your XP has reset and you can earn camping themed items! To earn XP, you can do basic tasks such as cleaning, serving, being active, etc. Unlock limited time prizes with XP based on the theme! The items will be available until the first week of December. For more information, go to the upper right corner in the game, click “Rewards”, then “Chef Benefits”. Enjoy!

:chocolate_bar: Level 1: S’more Nametag (Gamepass only)
:sushi: Level 2: 10 Sushi Rolls
:crescent_moon: Level 3: Nightsky Trail (Gamepass only)
:fire: Level 4: Campfire Particle
:star2: Level 5: Onesie Uniform (Gamepass only)
:camping: Level 6: Trick

New Features:

  • Ability to automatically import all items in your inventory that have “donate”, “donation”, or “kohau” in the name.
  • New cooking minigame.
Halloween 2023

It’s time for one of our favorite updates every year, Halloween! We’re bringing you many things this year including a decorated map, new foods, an event, items back on sale, Halloween NPCs, and many other quality of life changes. For the full list of updates, see below. Enjoy!

:jack_o_lantern: Halloween Map: Decorated the map and added Halloween music!
:ghost: Ghost Quest: Collect ghosts around the map! Unlock prizes (Sushi Rolls, nametag, & particle) for reaching ghost milestones!
:mage: Halloween Trick: Witchy Tricks is back on sale for a limited time! Purchase with Sushi Rolls.
:apple: Fall Foods: Pumpkin Soup, Caramel Apple, and Apple Cider! Limited time!
:skull: Halloween NPCs: Rare witch and skeleton NPCs that give you double the rewards!
:sparkles: Halloween Particle Pack: The Halloween particle pack is on sale for a limited time! View the shop.
:fire: Quality of Life Changes:

  • Added dragging to takeout & washing dishes.
  • Disabled top bar notification when earning XP.
  • Made it so customers don’t ask for secret recipes.
  • You now earn XP for washing dishes.
  • Added a confirmation for grabbing a drink or washing dishes.
  • Added a search bar for tricks.
  • Increased max secret recipe stock to 10.
  • Added spill spawning in the kitchen.
  • Added music to the Pinegrove Shuffle trick.
  • Fixed mobile dragging bug and enabled spoon minigame.
October 2023 Chef Benefits: Halloween

Hello everyone! Today, we’re releasing a new set of chef benefits items. All of your XP has reset and you can now earn Halloween themed items! To earn XP, do basic tasks such as cleaning, serving, being active, etc. XP unlocks limited time prizes based on the theme! These items will be available until the first week of November. For more information, go to the upper right corner in the game, click “Rewards”, then “Chef Benefits”. Enjoy!

:woman_mage: Level 1: Witch Nametag (Gamepass only)
:sushi: Level 2: 10 Sushi Rolls
:vampire: Level 3: Spooky Trail (Gamepass only)
:jack_o_lantern: Level 4: Spooky Particle
:skull: Level 5: Spooky Uniform (Gamepass only)
:ghost: Level 6: Trick

Cooking Revamp

Hello everyone! After weeks of hard work, our new cooking system has finally been launched! We based the new system fully on your feedback with user experience in mind. Cooking has been redone from scratch to include new minigames, the removal of some minigames, realistic cooking processes, minigames now being based on the task being done, and the fixing of many bugs. Enjoy!

:woman_cook: New Cooking System
:video_game: New Minigames
:sushi: Realistic Cooking

Sepember 2023 Chef Benefits: Autumn

Hello everyone! Today, we’re releasing a new set of chef benefits items. All of your XP has reset and you can now earn autumn themed items! Earning XP is simple, just do basic tasks such as cleaning, serving, being active, etc. Use XP to unlock limited time prizes based on the theme! These items will be available until the first week of October. To find more information, look in the upper right corner in the game, click “Rewards”, then “Chef Benefits”. Enjoy!

:fire: Level 1: Bonfire Nametag (Gamepass only)
:sushi: Level 2: 10 Sushi Rolls
:maple_leaf: Level 3: Autumn Trail (Gamepass only)
:fallen_leaf: Level 4: Leaves Particle
:tshirt: Level 5: Scarecrow Uniform (Gamepass only)
:apple: Level 6: Trick

August 2023 Chef Benefits: Wild West, Vehicles Part 1

Greetings, everyone! Today is the start of a new chef benefits month with the theme “wild west”. Earn XP by doing various tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and serving to unlock wild west themed in-game items. Next, we’ve revamped the water vehicle controls to be a bit easier to use. With that, a new modern yacht model has been added and jet skis can now go over ramps to collect Sushi Rolls. Be sure to check our new boba models and stay tuned for our cooking revamp next update. Enjoy!

:cowboy_hat_face: Chef Benefits: Wild West
:motor_boat: Better Vehicle Controls
:ocean: Jet Ski Ramps
:sailboat: New Yacht Model

Secret Recipes

Greetings, everyone! We’re back for another content update. Today, we’re excited to introduce secret recipes! These recipes must be earned in order for chefs to serve them to their customers. You can view a chef’s secret recipes by interacting with them. We highly recommend that chefs tell their customers about their secret recipes when serving. We’re starting off with one recipe which can be found by fishing, with more to come soon! When fishing, you will have a 10% chance of finding the recipe. Once you find it, you will need to restock it sometimes by catching more fish. Visit the fishing area for more information! Also, we’ve increased the rewards you get for fishing, where you now only need to catch 3 fish for a Sushi Roll rather than 5. Below, you can find more changes in this update. We decided to do small updates every Sunday for the next 2 weeks due to scheduling conflicts. Enjoy!

GOLDEN FISHING ROD: The golden fishing rod gamepass has received SO MANY new perks! You will now get 50% more rewards when fishing, the fishing minigame is much easier (less chance of messing up), you have double the chances of finding the secret recipe, and you only need to catch one fish to restock the item rather than 2! These new perks will help you earn even more Sushi Rolls and worry less about finding/restocking the exclusive fishing secret recipe.

:shushing_face: Secret Recipes
:fishing_pole_and_fish: Improved Golden Rod
:tropical_fish: Better Fishing & Rewards
:fire: Better Minigame Animations

Here’s a list of other additions not mentioned:

  • Made it so your fishing rod doesn’t automatically equip
  • Changed the animations that play during minigames to be relevant to cooking (ex: cleaning, reading over notes, searching for items, etc)
  • Added swimming fish to underwater dining and our pond

NEW (July 22nd, 2023): Added a secret recipe to cave dining earned by mining crystals and better particles to the particle pack gamepass. :gem:
NEW (July 14th, 2023): Added a new trick (pinegrove shuffle) and a live tips leaderboard. :money_with_wings:

4th of July 2023, July 2023 Chef Benefits: Fireworks, & More

Greetings, everyone! We have SO many new additions to the game today! Starting off, XP has been reset and a new set of prizes have been added to chef benefits! This month, you can find firework themed items to earn. In addition, we have added some minor decorations to the restaurant to celebrate 4th of July. Every 10 minutes, you can see some fireworks going off in the sky. Next, we did some building improvements to our exotic dining areas. We felt they lacked an immersive feeling so hopefully the new decoration can help with that. In a few weeks, we have another feature coming to the exotic dining areas to make them more valuable so stay tuned! Finally, we have added a ton of new features to the game including better gamepass perks, a new food, and quality of life changes. Read all of them below! Due to scheduling conflicts this month, we will be updating on the 8th and 23rd rather than every two weeks. Enjoy!

FIREWORK LAUNCHER: Our firework launcher gamepass is back for a limited time! Launch super cool fireworks into the sky every 15 seconds. This will only be on sale for a week until next year so act fast!

:fireworks: Chef Benefits: Fireworks
:sparkles: 4th of July Decorations & Fireworks
:gem: Improved Exotic Dining Areas
:fire: Game Improvements

Here’s a list of all of the other additions:

  • Rainbow nametag gamepass owners now have a color slider which gives the ability to pick a specific solid color
  • VIP gamepass owners will now have golden cooking tools
  • Boosts are now applied based on the number of dishes handed rather than time
  • Yacht owners can play a song of their choice on their boat
  • New food: mochi donuts! 4th of July themed for now but will eventually be replaced with regular flavors
  • Responsive UI buttons that feel more satisfying
  • Erupting over 1,000 Robux worth of points starting now will give you an exclusive nametag
  • Donate over 1,000 Robux to the group starting now to become a VIP NPC customer
  • Added layered clothing
  • Added a way to combat point cheating
  • Added working bats in the cave (fishing coming to underwater soon)
  • You now earn XP for every table cleaned and earn a point for every other table cleaned
Placing Dishes & Game Improvements

Greetings, everyone! Today, we’re adding the ability to place dishes on tables! When you have a food equipped, you can click on the table to place it down. You can have 2 dishes on the table at once and they can be picked up too. As soon as a dish is placed, a countdown will appear on the table for 2 minutes (if a new dish is added, the countdown will restart). When time is up, chefs will have the ability to clean the table as long as their own dishes aren’t on the table. Please note that once the time is up, you can no longer pick up or place dishes on that table. Once you clean 3 tables, you will earn a point. This is replacing our existing randomly spawning table spills. Also, if you eat your food enough times, the plate will now become clean instead of disappearing. In addition, I’ve provided a list of a bunch of other additions. We’re slowly beginning to tackle our list from the feedback form so stay tuned! Next up in 2 weeks: the 4th of July update, new chef benefits, and more changes. Enjoy!

:plate_with_cutlery: Placing Dishes
:soap: Improved Table Cleaning
:sparkles: Game Improvements

Here’s a list of all of the additions:

  • Added more emotes to the emotes gamepass
  • Confetti now comes out of players who get tipped
  • Checks give 50% more Sushi Rolls to VIP players
  • Expanded the music playlist
  • Added a confirmation when throwing away items
  • New menu design with tabs (the other one was getting too cluttered)
  • Added a cancel cooking button
  • Added female NPC customer voices
  • Added a female VIP customer
June 2023 Chef Benefits: Beach

Hello everyone! Today, we’re releasing a new batch of chef benefits items. All of your XP will be reset and you can now earn beach themed items! To earn XP, all you have to do is basic tasks like cleaning, serving, being active, etc. When you level up, you can earn some limited time prizes based on the theme! You will have until the first week of July to collect these items. Keep in mind that it’s supposed to take a while to earn rewards because the event lasts a month. We’ve also increased the difficulty since last month. To find more information, look in the upper right corner in the game, click “Rewards”, then “Chef Benefits”. Enjoy!

:tropical_fish: Level 1: Beach Nametag (Gamepass only)
:sushi: Level 2: 10 Sushi Rolls
:ocean: Level 3: Wave Trail (Gamepass only)
:palm_tree: Level 4: Beach Particle
:beach_umbrella: Level 5: Beach Uniform (Gamepass only)
:sunny: Level 6: Trick

VIP Customers

Greetings, everyone! Today, we’re bringing you another minor feature update! First, we’re introducing VIP NPC customers. These rare customers have a 10% chance of spawning, order 2 items, and reward you with 3 points (instead of 1)! Be sure to look out for the rich looking NPCs to get triple the points. In addition, we’ve added another cooking minigame where you need to trace a path. This will hopefully add some more variety to your cooking experience. Next week, we’re going to be doing a new chef benefits theme where XP and prizes will refresh. Make sure that you get all of the prizes before they’re unavailable forever. Enjoy the update!

:crown: VIP NPC Customers
:woman_cook: New Cooking Minigame

Nametag Particles

Hey everyone! This is an idea we had when planning V3 over a year ago and I’m super happy to finally implement it into the game! Introducing… nametag particles! Basic gradient nametags are great but they’re overused by many other games and we have limited freedom with what themes we can add. Starting today, majority of nametags will have 2D particles coming out of it to make you stand out even more! There are also several new nametags. Even though this feature may seem small, we put a lot of effort into adding this difficult yet innovative feature. We’re at the point where we’re going to be improving a lot of our existing features rather than overloading the game with a ton of new content. I hope you enjoy your improved nametags!

:fire: Nametag Particles
:star2: New Nametags (Pride, Shell, Fire, Electric, Royalty, Ice Cream)

May 2023 Chef Benefits: Sakura Flowers

Today we’re introducing a new feature, chef benefits! Basically, all chefs can do the following activities for XP: cooking, tricks, cleaning spills, serving customers, serving NPCs, being active in-game, or being given XP by a Developer/Owner. You can use the XP to level up and earn prizes! Each month, your XP will reset and there will be a new batch of prizes based on a theme. This month, the theme is sakura flowers. You will have until May 31st to earn up to 6 free prizes, which can be found below. You can open this UI by clicking rewards at the top of your screen followed by Chef Benefits. You can also find time rewards here as well. Keep in mind that it’s supposed to take a while to earn these rewards because the event lasts a month. We may adjust the progression values based on how long it’s taking people.

EXTRA CHEF BENEFITS By default, all chefs can earn 3 of the prizes but you can purchase the “Extra Chef Benefits” gamepass to be given double prizes and XP. This gamepass will allow you to get 3 extra prizes every month going forward. Saves lots of Sushi Rolls and gives you an exclusive item that not everyone has!

:cherry_blossom: Level 1: Sakura Nametag (Gamepass only)
:sushi: Level 2: 10 Sushi Rolls
:comet: Level 3: Sakura Trail (Gamepass only)
:sparkles: Level 4: Sakura Particle
:fire: Level 5: Trick (Gamepass only)
:star_struck: Level 6: Trick

Trail Pack & More

Today, we’re releasing a small update with a few additions. First, there is a new pack of 8 trails. It’s been 2 years since we added new trails so enjoy the new designs! We also added 2 new foods, soufflé pancakes and a hand roll. Next, an icon will now display above your head with your login streak. Try to rack up the highest streak possible to show off your dedication. Enjoy the update and let us know if you experience any bugs!

:sparkles: New Trail Pack
:sushi: 2 New Foods
:date: Login Streak Badge

Easter 2023

Spring and Easter is coming so we decided to bring you an update! To begin, you can find the map to be decorated for the next few weeks with some Easter themed items and even a rainbow illuminating over the restaurant. We’ve added two new tricks for you to purchase and can’t wait to see everyone using them! There are also two new foods, Peep Milkshake and Chirashi Sushi. Complete a temporary quest to earn you a spring themed nametag and Sushi Rolls. Interact with the Chef NPC outside the restaurant for information (hint: make sure you’re ready to chase down an evil bunny). In addition, Timmy, Legend, and I all have an easter egg launcher. Find us in-game and collect an egg for a badge and Sushi Rolls. Finally, our annual spring particle pack is back on sale. Be sure to collect all of the particles before it goes away. Enjoy the update!

:hibiscus: Spring Map
:blossom: 2 New Tricks
:hatching_chick: 2 New Foods
:rabbit: Easter Quest
:egg: Egg Launcher Event
:sparkles: Particle Pack

Taiyaki Ice Cream & Particles

We have added a brand new addition to the cooking system, ice cream! We combined a popular Japanese dessert, taiyaki, with ice cream to give you 6 new dessert options. The ice cream is made differently from the rest of the foods. In the kitchen, you can find a new area with all of the stations for making it. To begin, you need to grab a bowl of batter. Then, you will place the batter into a mold which will shape it into taiyaki. Finally, you’ll need to interact with the ice cream machines, pick a flavor, and pull down the lever to fill up the taiyaki with ice cream. In addition, we’ve added a new particle pack with 9 particles! The theme of the pack is auras and they have really cool particle animations. Can’t wait to see everyone wearing them! Finally, we’ve been really prioritizing bug fixes to make your experience as smooth as possible. Next up, the spring/Easter update. Enjoy!

:ice_cream: Taiyaki Ice Cream (6 flavors)
:sparkles: New Particle Pack
:bug: Bug Fixes

Fortune Cookies & Table Cleaning

It’s time for our first update in a while and we bring you a few new things! Most notably, table cleaning and fortune cookies! Table cleaning works the exact same as the floor spills, except they spawn on tables. This is another way for you to earn points! For fortune cookies, after a chef marks an order as done, the customer will get a fortune cookie along with their receipt. It’ll give you a little motivational message to end off your dining experience! We also added a new cooking minigame, where you will have a short amount of time to drag items out of a box (should be pretty straight forward). The rest of the additions are below, check them out! Enjoy the update!

:sparkles: Table Cleaning
:fortune_cookie: Fortune Cookies
:fire: New Cooking Minigame
:tea: New Food Items (Matcha Tea, Yakitoti, Shrimp Kushiyaki)
:woman_cook: Kimono Uniform Upgrade

New Year's 2022

We’re bringing you a small event for New Year’s to end off another spectacular year. Thank you for supporting us over the last year and allowing us to accomplish so many of our goals. We’re looking forward to what we can do in 2023. Stay tuned for more updates!

:fireworks: Hourly New Year’s parties for every timezone! Dancing, confetti, party music, and fireworks!
:star2: New Year’s limited time trick!

Winter 2022

Happy Holidays! Here at Kohaú, we absolutely love the holiday season! For that reason, we’ve released our winter update extra early this year so you have plenty of time to celebrate with your friends and other players! This update brings you some new activities that reflect the season as well as some new limited time additions. Starting off, we’re introducing ice skating and snowball throwing! To ice skate, head near the merch shop and run onto the ice to equip your skates. Challenge your friends and see who’s the best skater! As for snowball throwing, go onto any terrain snow and either click q (PC) or the button on the right side of your screen (mobile). You’re allowed to throw a snowball once every 10 seconds… that’s sure to cause a lot of chaos around the map! But, if you want to be able to throw snowballs anywhere in the map, anytime, all year round, you may want to check out the snowball gun gamepass. Next up, we have a simple holiday quest where you find the missing parts of a snowman around the map for a prize of 5 Sushi Rolls and a holiday nametag! We also added new foods (listed below), holiday particles, holiday music, and a new map, of course. Finally, there are another two gamepasses on sale for a limited time called the Flying Sleigh (you can fly around the map in your very own sleigh) and holiday particles (exclusive set of particles to wear all year round). We’ll be releasing a new trick later this month! Enjoy the update!

:christmas_tree: Winter Map
:ice_skate: Ice Skating
:snowflake: Snowball Throwing
:snowman_with_snow: Holiday Quest
:santa: New Gamepasses
:coffee: New Particles & Food
:gift: & More!

Quests & Play Time Rewards

In this update, we present you more ways to earn Sushi Rolls, including quests and play time rewards! All players get 2 quests that reset at 12:00 AM EST, but VIP players an extra quest. Each quest is worth a different amount and includes different activities like cooking, using tricks, serving NPCs/customers, fishing, playing for a while, etc. Complete your quests to earn some Sushi Rolls before they reset! In addition, we’ve added play time rewards. We have 8 rewards (Sushi Rolls or crates) you can earn for playing the game for a certain amount of time. The amount of time you play saves when you leave but it’ll reset at 12:00 AM EST. This is an easy way to earn currency by just being in-game! Finally, yacht owners now have access to a control panel where you can set the color of the LED lights and host a party every 30 minutes. Next up, the Christmas update in a few weeks! Enjoy!

:sparkles: Quests!
:alarm_clock: Play time rewards!
:motor_boat: Yacht control panel (Change LEDs & host parties)!
:bug: Bug fixes!

Community Suggestions

Since release, we’ve had hundreds of suggestions submitted with ways we can improve the game. Every suggestion has been read and we’re excited to add a bunch of your ideas to this update! It’s a priority of ours to make sure that chefs have the best experience possible while serving customers so that’s what this update was mainly geared for them. We also added dishes which will spawn every 3 minutes for chefs to clean to earn a point. Check out all of the changes below! In addition, we’ve removed the Halloween update but expect to see it back next year. Enjoy the update and see you for our next update in another 2 weeks!

:plate_with_cutlery: Cleaning Dishes
:motor_boat: Aquatic Vehicles
:sparkles: More Cooking Minigames (Connect the dots, matching shapes, memory, clicking the moving circle)
:stopwatch: Rush Hour (Every 60 minutes, there will be 8 minutes of x2 Points)
:clipboard: Custom Greetings
:man_cook: Chef Improvements

  • Restocking sushi conveyor
  • Confirmation when buying uniforms
  • Confirmation when buying a trick
  • Favoriting tricks
  • Small chance of NPCs tipping Sushi Rolls
  • Animations play while doing a minigame

:bug: Other Additions & Bug Fixes

  • Stepping on spills cause slipping
  • Day & night cycle
  • Warning cooldown removed for MR+
  • Sushi Roll tipping
  • NPCs look at menu before ordering
  • Restaurant ambient sounds
  • Receipts
Halloween 2022 & NPC Customers

We’re back for another update! Today, we bring you Halloween and NPC customers! We wanted to make sure chefs always have someone to serve. Depending on your server size, a maximum of 3 NPCs will spawn. 20 players = 1 NPC, 30 players = 2 NPCs, 40 = 3 NPCs. After you serve a customer, you must wait 30 seconds before serving another to give others nearby a chance to claim one. Make sure you cook the food and put it in a takeout box quick because your NPC customer is not afraid to leave! In addition to this, we also added some new temporary Halloween features which are listed below. Enjoy the update!

:woman_cook: NPC customers!
:ghost: Halloween themed map and music!
:jack_o_lantern: Simple quest with a nametag and Sushi Roll prize!
:apple: 3 new foods! (Caramel Apple, Pumpkin Soup, Apple Cider)
:candy: New Halloween trick!
:sparkles: Halloween particles!
:broom: Flying witch broom gamepass!
:bug: Bug fixes!

Witch Broom Gamepass

Sushi Conveyor Belt

Thank you for your patience over the last few weeks as we’ve worked on stabilizing the game! We’re happy to be bringing you our first big content update. Stay tuned for more over the next month, including a Halloween update, the addition of vehicles, and new features!

:hammer_and_wrench: Major build upgrades!
:sushi: Sushi conveyor belt!
:sparkles: 2 new tricks!
:ramen: 2 new foods (Raindrop Cake & Mango Sushi)!
:desert_island: VIP island dining!
:bug: Bug fixes!


We’ve finally released our new version, V3! Check out our communications server for a full list of changes. Thanks for your patience and we hope you enjoy!

:memo: Complete rescript!
:hammer_and_wrench: New restaurant build!
:pencil2: New UI!
:man_cook: New cooking system!
:sparkles: New cosmetics!
:sushi: New foods!
:money_mouth_face: Tip Robux!
:star: In-Game titles!
:bug: And… MANY more features and bug fixes!

V2 Updates
Spring/Easter Update 2022
  • :rabbit: Easter quest! We’re partnering with several others groups to host a collaborative Easter event! Complete our quest to recieve the Kohaú badge!
  • :baby_chick: Spring themed map!
  • :sparkles: Spring themed particle pack!
  • :tropical_drink: Limited time Peep Milkshake drink!
  • :sunflower: Limited time Spring Nametag gamepass!

Spring Nametag (NEW!)

Christmas 2021
  • :christmas_tree: Winter themed map with falling snow & Christmas lights!
  • :snowman_with_snow: Snowball throwing!
  • :ice_skate: Ice skating!
  • :coffee: 4 new foods & drinks! (Hot Chocolate, Holiday Cupcakes, Pistachio Milkshake, Holiday Rolls)
  • :snowflake: Free holiday accessories!
  • :sparkles: New holiday particle pack!
  • :tshirt: Elf themed uniform upgrade!
  • :musical_note: Holiday themed music!
  • :santa: 3 limited time gamepasses!

Flying Sleigh (NEW!)
Snowball Launcher
Holiday Particle Pack

Halloween Event 2021
  • :jack_o_lantern: Halloween event added! Check out the UI on the right side of your screen for information and head down to the dock area to begin!
Halloween 2021
  • :ghost: Halloween themed map!
  • :star: New particle pack: Halloween themed!

Who’s ready for a bunch of updates over the next two months? To start it off, we’ve added fishing to the game! Go fishing to earn yourself a bunch of Sushi Rolls to use on in-game cosmetics! Trust us, you’re going to want to save up for the next update!

  • :fishing_pole_and_fish: Fishing! Go to our newly renovated dock area to begin the minigame! Avoid hitting obstacles and try to catch a fish. The bottom of the ocean has fish with a very high reward! After catching a fish, you will receive Fish Bucks which you can convert into Sushi Rolls by visiting the fisherman inside the Sushi Shores shack! Want to catch fish even faster? Purchase the golden rod gamepass which allows you to catch 3 fish at once, giving an even higher reward!
  • :sparkles: New particle pack: Element themed!
  • :bug: Bug fixes as usual!
4th of July 2021

Happy 4th of July! Here’s our newest update to celebrate!

  • :fireworks: Fireworks shows and launcher!
  • :sparkler: Sparklers, pick your own color!
  • :dizzy: Decorated map!
  • :star2: New 4th of July themed particle and trail crate!
  • :money_with_wings: 4th of July sale!
V2 Overhaul

After months of work, we’ve released our game overhaul! Please be aware that bugs may occur since the scripting was completely redone. Enjoy all the new features and stay tuned for many more updates in the near future!

  • :tshirt: Uniform upgrades!
  • :broom: Cleaning for staff!
  • :sparkles: Crate system with many trails and particles!
  • :man_dancing: Brand new emotes!
  • :tada: Themed party rooms!
  • :sushi: New hand-to and check pass system!
  • :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: Raining points thunderstorm!
  • :heavy_plus_sign: Many changes throughout the game!
  • :bug: MANY bug fixes, the game should be a lot smoother!

Kohaú | Game Credits

View our current long-term team:

  • ScriptedJulia - Founder & Project Manager
  • timmycakeman - Co-Founder & Creative Director
  • LegendOJ1 - Programmer & Lead Developer

View some previous developers/contributors for V3:

  • starrycats - Builder
  • xJa_ys - Build Updates
  • x32StackRegister - Programmer
  • uhi_o - Programmer
  • ArchLand64 - Programming Assistance
  • itZAKU - Modeler
  • ethan1uv - Modeler
  • LadyFesti - Modeler
  • JarofJe11o - Modeler
  • Huniidew - Modeler
  • OrkinBD - Modeler
  • hampsterspit on SketchFab - Model
  • PotatoIsaiahg - Animator
  • Shapic2 - Animator
  • VolubleParbreak - Animator
  • 4SHN - Animator
  • Ciavc - Animator
  • FluffWrld - Animator
  • STEALTH_NOVA - Animator
  • nothahaemoji - Animator
  • ubricks - Animator
  • eazyoflegend - Animator
  • puridor - Animator
  • iquitt3d - Graphic Designer
  • ArchitectualTel - Graphic Designer
  • L0rdRampage - Logo Designer
  • MistyPhantom - Artist
  • dofaex - Artist
  • Statrascope - Artist
  • Chenami - UI Designer
  • HazSun - Minor UI Work
  • abbyIoves - Clothing Designer
  • cosmicaIity - Clothing Designer
  • cheeseandbiscuits11 - Particle Designer
  • Fm_Developer - Particle Designer
  • iKayoe - Particle Designer
  • x_kaylxe - Particle Designer
  • voidzy - Particle Designer
  • DevKnightly - SFX Designer
  • bk52540 - Composer
  • Luke deMaine - Voice Actor
  • Alyssa Marie - Voice Actress