Kohls Admin Commands Gamepass

Hi, so I’m sure we are familiar of Kohls Admin Commands made by ForeverHD. So I’m currently making a Border Roleplay game and added in the Admin Commands for group Officers. But once I tested the game to make sure everything is configured correctly it showed up with a gamepass that I didn’t make asking the player to buy this “Owner Admin Commands permissions” that cost 800 robux. And I don’t want people to just buy Admin Commands as they could abuse them. So I tried getting rid of the gamepass but I couldn’t find where it was in the code and it didn’t show up in the gamepasses menu for the game.

Here is a picture of the gamepass:

Are you sure you used the original one, also it appears you are using HD admin and not kohls.

Wait whats the difference between each of them.

Different scripting, Different creators ( I think ), Different UI.

HD Is easy for non-scripters to configure, unlikes kohls.

Delete the admin commands and use this instead: HD Admin - Roblox
as it’s the official HD Admin Commands

It says its already in my inventory.

I deleted it from my inventory then bought it back then I deleted the admins already in the game and added it again. But it showed up with the same gamepass.

Perhaps you have another script that’s prompting this admin purchase, something not inside the HD Admin?

It seems when I delete the HD Admin Commands the gamepass goes away. But when I add it again it comes back. So I will check to see if any code is messing with it.