Koju Affiliate Information

Here at Koju, partners are valued wonderfully. This guide has all the information and requirements if you wish to form a Partnership with Koju.

Your group must have the following requirements listed below.

[1] Your group is required to have 10+ members.

[2] Your group is required to have a discourd communications server.

[3] Representatives from your group must be on our communications server & group.

[4] Your group must have no bots, we only allow Admin bots and Ranking bots.

[5] You must announce all events & applications Koju has.

[6] We don’t accept Fan groups, Army groups to ally with us.
We only accept hotels, cafes, juice bars, ice cream parlors, clothing shops, and any type of food business.

[7] Your group must be a organized group, We do not want any unprofessionalism.

Chief Executive Officer