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:coconut: ‘ Welcome to the Konicha Handbook! This guide has been established to help answer your questions about everything Konicha, and hopefully fill you in on how we operate here. We are dedicated to providing the best experience for our guests and staff team.
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Social Links: https://youtube.com/channel/UCbcwxvs1EhzV-iADl0CqN0Q | https://twitter.com/RblxKonicha


Upon the following Roblox Terms of Service, we have additional rules that we expect our guests and staff to follow. Failure to comply with our guidelines will result in a severe consequence.

  • Trolling or being disruptive is not permitted.
  • Exploiting is not permitted.
  • Advertising is not permitted.
  • Admin abusing is not permitted.
  • Homophobia, racism, harassment is not permitted.
  • Bypassing the chat filter is not permitted.
  • Spamming the chat is not permitted.
  • Wear appropriate clothing.

Our management team members have the ability to issue a warning to those that break our regulations. Our management members are also given the ability to enforce a ban on anyone that breaks regulations.

Rank Information & Limits


The following information will include information about every group’s role in Konicha.

Premium Customer
This role is assigned to all those that join the Konicha group. Customers are people who play the game and orders food from our staff. There is no capacity for this role.

Noted Customer
This rank is only designed for those that are a retired HR+. There is no capacity for this role.

You just got this role after you successfully did the quiz center. To be ranked up, you need to attend a scheduled training session. There is no capacity for this role.

Junior Scooper As you went to the training center and passed as a Trainee, you will be ranked up to Junior Scooper. To be promoted, you can attend another shift or training session. There is no capacity for this role.

Scooper To be promoted, you can attend training or shift session. There is no capacity for this role.

Senior Staff This would be the last LR rank, to be promoted you have to attend many shifts, be active on discord, be professional at all times, use professional grammar, last but not least YOU CANNOT HAVE SAFECHAT. We would do a test to see if you are eligible for MR. There is no capacity for this role.

Trial Helper You will be assigned a mentor by an HR+. You will be given 1 week to shadow 4 sessions and attend 3 shifts as a Trial Helper. This would get you ready to be a part of the management team. Your mentor shall also receive reports from your shadow sessions. If you cannot fulfill your duties as an MR, you will be demoted back to Senior Staff. We also open applications every month and accept about 10-15 people for this role. There is no capacity for this role.

Helper This is the first MR role. You successfully completed all your sessions and now you are promoted to Helper. As a helper, you can shadow or train at trainings. You are also able to supervise around the parlour for any trollers/exploiters. You can still do your duties as a chef. There is no capacity for this role.

Supervisor This is the second MR role. The Supervisors of Konicha work equally on both shifts at the parlour and trainings as a host or trainer. Their job at the restaurant is to ensure that operations at the restaurant are running smoothly and to deal with any disruptive customers and to make sure our staff is doing their job properly. The capacity limit is 35.

Assistant Manager This is the 3rd and final MR role. Assistant Managers occasionally work on parlour shifts and occasionally attend sessions as hosts or trainers during training sessions. Their duties at the restaurant are determining which Senior Chef is determined to be part of our management team based on their performance. Assistant Managers can also rank at trainings and can promote Senior Staff to Trial Helper Make sure to assign them a mentor when you do so. The capacity limit is 30.

Shift Manager This is the first HR role. Their rank is responsible for completing their daily corporate duties. They are involved in multiple specialized teams that are focused on different tasks such as activity, relations, mentorship, newsletter, and more. The capacity limit is 15.

Board of Directors This is the second HR role. They participate in general corporate duties. Their jobs are mainly focused on managing the group with the Leadership Team. The capacity limit is 10.

Chief Staffing Officer This is the 3rd HR role. They overseer all the High Ranks and Medium Ranks. They handle out warnings to the inactive management members. They also help manage the discord server. The limit is 8.

Chief Operating Officer This is the 4th HR role. You are tasked with overseeing day-to-day administration and making sure all our management staff isn’t inactive. You help overseer the group and may manage allies. You handle out promotions to MR’s that are active. The capacity limit is 5.

Chief Communications Officer This is the 5th and final HR role. Users in this rank have been working extremely hard as a Chief Operating Officer and have been promoted. You also have the ability to PermBan users that exploits, raiding, alternative accounts, and more. The capacity limit is 5.

Junior Corporate In charge of managing the staff teams and the discord server. They are also part of the Leadership team. They are the head of oversee-ring the group, etc. They have responsibilities.

Senior Corporate In charge of managing the staff teams and the discord server. They are also part of the Leadership team. They are the head of oversee-ring the group, etc. They have responsibilities.

Konicha Bots The Konicha bots of the group.

Development Team They are in charge of developing & updating the games.

Co-Founder The assistant of the owner.

Founder The owner of the group.

Training Information

Training Information
You can become an official staff member after applying for Trainee and attending a scheduled training session.
[TRAIN!] Training Center :pencil2:

9:00 AM EST / 2:00 PM BST
12:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM BST
2:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM BST
6:00 PM EST / 11:00 PM BST
10:00 PM EST / 3:00 AM EST

Promotion Requirements

If you are a Senior Staff, and if you want to be promoted to Trial Helper you must meet our requirements.

  • Must be in the discord server.
  • Must be active every day and attend shifts.
  • Must not have safechat.
  • Be active in the discord server.
  • Be professional at all times.

If you keep up with the consistent activity, an Assistant Manager+ will notice you and may promote you to Trail Helper.

Staff Code of Conduct

Staff Code of Conduct

Staff must use grammar at all times when in the game. As a part of the staff team, not following the regulations may result in a demotion.

  • Not using grammar when serving Customers is not allowed.
  • All staff must remain professional at all times.
  • Hinting for a promotion lowers your chance.
  • Must dress appropriately.
  • Must abide by the Roblox Community Rules
Alliance Information

Affiliate Information

Konicha is always looking for alliances! However, there are some regulations:

  • Your group must contain 2800+ members.

  • You must have a communication server for your group, which should have about 400+ members.

  • Your games should have decent to high-quality thumbnails, logos, etc.

  • Your group must be active. If not, the alliance will be terminated.

  • We request that your staff team is moderately filled.

  • Your group and the users associated with it must have a good reputation within the community.

  • It is preferred if you have any games released, however, it is not a necessity.

  • Sometimes, we let these requirements slip if you are active in ours and your community!


Founders operates the whole operation. lilswho - Founder & albfvl - Co-Founder

Leader’s of Department: AuthenticFlxwer & AnqelicStrqwberryz

Public Relations
Leader’s of Department: Zursey & GlowsLuna

Leader’s of Department: albfvl & kittydainties

Leader’s of Department: firewolf1234500 & TeddyAxeI