Krizzvayec's Portfolio

Krizzvayec’s Portfolio



Hey I’m Krizzvayec! I’m a 19 y/o builder, scripter, and designer. I mainly specialize in building but I’m learning scripting, graphic design, and animating on the side!

I joined ROBLOX in 2010 and I’ve spent the last 11 years admiring the mechanics, structure, building, UI, and animations of games on ROBLOX.

I’ve spent 11 years on ROBLOX practicing and polishing my building styles and techniques. I can build in a lot of styles ranging from cartoony to realistic builds.

I enjoy learning new skills and challenging myself to develop and use my skills.



  • Building - Experienced
  • Scripting - Advanced
  • Map Design - Experienced
  • VFX - Intermediate
  • Graphic Design - Beginner
  • Animations - Intermediate


Club Quadra (MAIN PROJECT)

With this project my roles are: Builder, Scripter, Designer, UI, Animations, Advertising, Manager

This is my main project, the building is done mostly done by me except for the café. I’m in charge of building a pleasing yet enjoyable club which gives a lot of energy, as well as scripting, UI, and animations. I had help with the base scripting and some building. For the animations I used animations from Mixamo and imported them into studio.

This project is finished and polished, more updates are to come with new places, dances, and items.

And many more old projects

–Past Commissions–

Modern House




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