Kronos Plugin -> Backdoor finder / killer -> Instant scanning

Seems to not be working correctly, I know for a fact there is a backdoor in my game (saw it in like 30 scripts), but yet, it says that there were no backdoors/viruses in my game at all, please fix.

New updates!

I have fixed everything and did a big update to the code.
Thanks for whoever uses it, I hope to see some good feedback!

Wow, I cant tell you how much this helps! This is fantastic considering that is does a full sweep. Thanks again!

Thanks for using it!

For whatever reason , your plugin put 2 of my RemoteEvents into the “Infected - Kronos” folder. Screenshot_1
I hope you fix it! :smile:

That shouldnt happen… I will fix it tomorrow, thanks for reporting that!

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Updated! Fixed the false detections :slight_smile:

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Just did an update and minified / obfuscated the code!

Realised I edited the thread 10+ times lmao…

Why does your code need to be obfuscated if you have nothing to hide?

Considering all of malicious plugins around, I definitely wouldn’t be willing to trust your plugin to be activated, while working on my projects, if I can’t even take a look at the source properly and ensure you’re not doing something you shouldn’t be.


I just tested the obfuscator, well kind of obfuscator, I’m planning to use it on an admin I am working on with @1Fading .

You could look at the source long time ago, it’s the same source, it’s still read-able but sure, I will restore the old code back.

P.S you’re not forced to use it, trust me or not, do what you want, I just can tell you it’s safe :slight_smile:

Nobody will be able to check since that new version is obfuscated. Obfuscating a previously non-obfuscated library/plugin is probably the quickest way to lose your users, don’t do this, it’s a major red flag in trust.


I already said I restored the unobfuscated code

I have updated Kronos and now it won’t error anymore.
This will still work.

Does this detect the new style backdoors?
They dont use getfenv or requires but they use a friend whitelist, basically, if the user is friend with the backdoor owner account/alt a gui with a executor will pop-up.

I don’t think so.
If you could link that “backdoor” here, I will look into it

I cant tell you how much I appreciate your work- its really saved me multiple times. My only suggestion would be an option to have the plugin snip out the virus or backdoor from a script. Either way, its better to be safe then sorry!

There will be a huge update coming. In some weeks probably.

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Unfortunately I can’t update this project anymore. My account got banned. Thanks you all for the support.

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When you’re the only one who’s creating plugins to defend against backdoors and get banned. :roll_eyes: