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Hello Everyone!

I am pleased to announce the opening of a new development group! The Development Group is called Krystal-Clear Games. Krystal-Clear Games is a new development group found in April of 2022 bringing fresh and new content to the Roblox Platform. This post is used as a main “hub” for all of the posts relating to the Krystal-Clear Games Developments and Franchise. For now its empty but it will fill very soon very fast. Thank You all for your continuous support and feedback along our journey into greatness.

@Thenoob2pro_2022 & @BilBoy33
Owner & Co-Owner of Krystal-Clear Games

The way this Topic’s Page will be set up is there will be a link to another topic on the Update Log for the games. General Updates will be posted below.

The Mysterious

Our First Group Game on the Roblox Platform. Mixing old & Vintage Horror-styled games with Newer Technology and new features on the Roblox Platform.
Topic Link: Krystal-Clear Games: Game: What's Lurking in the Shadows

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