[KTA] Battle & Doctrine Manual

Covenant of Karathia

Battle & Doctrine Manual

Updated 11/20/2019

This document outlines the basic doctrine that KTA members will be taught in order to operate in combat effectively.

The Covenant and her troops operate as one - teamwork and communication is essential to winning the firefight.


The Raid Party

A raid party is the group that all troops of a raid belong to. A single raid party will be headed by the raid commander. All troops under the raid party will be assigned fireteams. Each fireteam should be consistent in numbers, and an independant commander will be assigned to lead each fireteam.

The Raid Commander is the key planner to the raid - they will create the plan of attack; they will then inform the fireteam commanders of their plan, and prepare them to execute it. The raid commander should be the highest rank present.

The Fireteam

Outside of our organizational structure, raid parties will be organized into fireteams and each fireteam will have a fireteam commander. Fireteams consist of a minimum of 3 troops and a maximum of 5. The ideal number for a fireteam is 4 troops.

A fireteam is an independant group that will operate within its own sector at its own command. The fireteam leader will receive positioning and mission orders from the raid commander.

The Fireteam Commander is responsible for command of the fireteam - they will take their fireteam with them to the objective, taking the necessary steps to complete their mission. A basic example of a fireteam tasking is to capture a building or objective point, or to defend a choke point or sector. The fireteam commander has the discretion to organize their troops where they want them, they have complete authority of the miniature battlespace.

A fireteam is considered beaten when it is down to two functional members in the sector. The fireteam must regroup unless the firefight has been won, in order to continue.

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