[KTA] Uniform Code

Covenant of Karathia

Uniform Code

Updated 12/3/2018

All members of the Covenant will be provided a combat uniform by request. Funds may be provided for one full combat uniform including shirt, pants, and the rank tab.

All other uniforms will be sold at cost to the user.

Off-Base uniforms
Uniforms that are worn while raiding or at allied facilities where gear is not provided

Service Woodlands. May be worn by all members
Service Woodlands - Bravo Company
Service Woodlands - Alpha Company
Service Woodlands - Pants

Officers Jacket. May be worn by Lieutenant+
Officers Jacket - Alpha Company
Officers Jacket - Bravo Company

Off-Duty Uniforms
Uniforms additions that may be worn while off-duty and off base at leisure.

Service Sweater. May be worn by all members
Service Sweater - Green

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