Kuavò Rank Information

Document Description:
Welcome to the Kuavó Rank Information document — the information in this documents will assist you with our rank descriptions. This document was structured by the Human Resources Department of Kuavó.

Rank Information:

Each rank will have a brief description and the maximum allowed user(s) in said rank. These are the official duties in a condensed form.

Low Ranks

Customer: This rank is given to people who just joined the group, they have no duties yet.

Noted Customer: This rank is unachievable, it is created only for former staff members and appreciated people.

Business Partner: A user in this role is a representative for a group Kuavó are affiliated with.

Awaiting Training: This is the first Low Rank of Kuavó, a member that passed an interview, clearly working under the supervision of higher-level staff, and needs to undergo training to start their new career within the staff team.


Junior Juicer: This is the second Low Rank of Kuavò, they perform a wide range of duties at the Kuáv kitchen; they are the utility of people and often assist customers. they have successfully passed their training with dedication and now can work behind the counter. Welcome to the staff team!

Advanced Juicer: This is the Third Low rank of Kuavó, they have shown a first-class model of measurement to Kuavò and successfully passed their senior training. They have important duties and responsibilities such as assisting their peers and helping others deal with trollers.

Skilled Juicer: This is the last Low rank of Kuavò, they will help other Low Ranks if needed, and deal with trollers/exploiters appropriately. They are required to be active in order to rank up.

Middle Ranks

Staff Assistant: Staff Assistants are the first Middle Rank at Kuavó. At this rank, you are training to become a well-versed and capable supervisor. While working shifts at Kuavó, Staff Assisants are able to oversee the general operation of the establishment, which will gain them activity that is necessary for promotions.

Supervisor: This is the second Middle Rank at Kuavó, they may help the career by performing related duties, supports staff’s results by communicating job expectations and planning sessions, they contribute to the team’s effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

Assistant Manager: This is the third Middle Rank at Kuavó. They are now eligible of ranking users. They will be called if we need a ranker at the Training Center. They have the same other jobs as all of the other Middle Ranks.

Manager: This is the last Middle Rank at Kuavó, they must be strong leaders who display passion in their work. They must possess excellent communication skills, they also must be experts in Kuavó’s guidelines, and their most important mission, making sure members of their staff understand them as well.

High Ranks

Board of Executives: This rank is the first High Rank within Kuavó. This rank is given to dedicated, diligent, and hard-working Managers who are recommended by ED+. A user in the position will be assigned a department; either Human Resources or Public Relations.

Executive Director: This rank is earned when a Board of Executives member recommends an advisor to lead/co-lead a department. Users within this role are highly skilled and experienced with Kuavó, its strategies, and how it is run.

Developer: This rank contains user(s) who develop for Kuavò and help build, script or design. These members will be picked by the Senior Ranks,

Senior Ranks

Vice President: This rank is the highest obtainable rank in Kuavó — the user in this rank has very large knowledge on Kuavó and makes the decisions about Kuavó with the President — this user has seniority over all members below, they have the ability to override any current regulations and enforce new ones. Typically when the President is away, the Vice President will take over and step in.

President: This rank is the highest and most important role within Kuavó — the person within this position has the ability to override any regulations and enforce any at any given time. The President is extremely busy overseeing the High Ranks, Developers and departments.

Written and approved by,
Kuavó’s Senior Rank Team