Kuavó Affiliation Program

Document Description: Greetings! This documentation withholds information that may be crucial for members looking to form an alliance with Kuavó. If you have a question that cannot be answered, feel free to comment on our group wall or the communications server. To apply, please send your resume in a ticket you can make in the communications server.


  1. 50+ group members, must not be botted.
  2. A communications server.
  3. No negative history that can damage the reputation of Kuavó.
  4. Ability to effectively communicate with the Kuavó Public Relations Team.
  5. Decent activity within all games.
  6. No rank selling.
  7. Fully developed games.

Ranks cannot grant administrative powers.

If you are on a development break, please notify the Public Relations team.


  • What is the name of your establishment, followed by a Group Link and an infinite invite to your communications server.

  • What makes your selected group eligible to join our Affiliation Program?

  • Do you agree to the Terms and Conditions of being apart of our Affiliation Program?

  • How often do you host events? (scale 1-5) Please provide a brief description of the events you host.

  • Why can Kuavó benefit from the alliance you would like to form?

  • Provide the Discord and Roblox information of the two Business Associates which will be willing to represent your selected group.

Terms and Conditions.


  • You must be able to communicate with our Public Relations team efficiently,
  • You must announce any events, hiring or any other announcements we request.
  • Announcements you wish to be shown within our communications server are free of NSFW.
  • If any representative from your selected group exit your establishment, you are to inform the Public Relations Team with that information as well as a replacement.

Group Status:

  • If your selected group falls below our requirements you are to notify the Public Relations Team immediately.
  • If you become involved in any drama or negative situation(s) you alert the Public Relations Team.

You are obligated to uphold these conditions throughout your time in the program, failure to do so can result in a kick from the program.

Written and approved by,
Kuavó Public Relations Department