LA | Experienced Barista Promotion Guide


This guide is for Experienced Baristas only, any ranks below Experienced Barista, will not be able to achieve Assistant Supervisor.

You’re required to join our Communications Server in order to achieve the Assistant Supervisor, otherwise, you will not be able to get promoted.


It is important that Experienced Baristas spend the majority of their time working; this shows extreme dedication and shows you are capable of representing Lavazza in a professional manner. This does not mean only working while a Manager+ is in game, work whenever you can and who knows? Maybe a Manager+ might join the game if you’re lucky!

Be polite and friendly towards all members, not just admins. We are mainly looking for Experienced Baristas that are professional, responsible and can be trusted.

We do not promote people based off of their avatar or username, as long as it’s appropriate.

Never hint while working at Lavazza, you will most likely not get promoted if you hint. Some examples of hinting are: “I’ve been working for 5 hours, when am I gonna get promoted?”, “Can I make you a drink?”, “I’m so active” or “I can’t wait till I get promoted.”. Constantly hinting can lead to a demotion, so keep it to yourself.

Keep in mind that this guide only suggests somethings you should do and you will not get promoted right away if you follow this guide, but it can definitely increase the chances of your promotion. Make sure to stay patient and never give up, believe in yourself and best of luck!


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