Lab Door: Credits & Audit Log

There are actually not many credits to put here so i’ll only do the basics.
This game is based on The Normal Elevator, It is a part scriped from H3kken, and a part scriped from User_Aleatorio.
This game is a remake of the Original game (Elevator), and in the original game, someone who helped a little was rafael1212br12.
That’s all the credits, let’s go ahead to Audit Log.

The Audit Log is probaby not going to be updated in the updates, because devforum is a bit dead, but here it is.

ALPHA 1.0 Changelog

  • The total remake of the original game.
  • Lobby and Elevator remake
  • Deleted some floors.
  • Made some new floors
  • Deleted old gamepasses
  • Changed all Signs to BillboardGui’s
  • Some other things.

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