Labeling uis using range

how would I label uis using range? basically, say I have a number range 1-24 and I want to label each one of my 24 buttons from 1-24. how would I do that?

If I understood correctly:

for i,v in ipairs(buttons:GetChildren()) -- Set buttons to the directory that you store your buttons in
    v.Text = v.Name -- Assuming each button is the number it needs to display

If this isn’t what you’re looking for, please elaborate.

so lets say I have 24 buttons and my number range was 1-24, I would want it to set the text of each button from 1-24 so first button would be 1 second would be 2, and so on

How are the buttons placed? Have you manually placed them or used UIGridLayout? How do you decide which button to name what?

its in a uilistlayout so it will name them chronologically to the layout

You could do this if you don’t already have a set order:

local ListFrame = game.StarterGui.ScreenGui.Frame

local Count = 0
for _,Button in ipairs(ListFrame:GetChildren()) do
	if not Button:IsA("TextButton") then continue end
	Count += 1
	Button.Text = Count
	Button.LayoutOrder = Count

Or this if they are already sorted using LayoutOrder:

local ListFrame = game.StarterGui.ScreenGui.Frame

local Buttons = {}
for _,Button in ipairs(ListFrame:GetChildren()) do
	if Button:IsA("TextButton") then table.insert(Buttons, Button) end

table.sort(Buttons, function(A, B)
	return A.LayoutOrder < B.LayoutOrder

for Index,Button in ipairs(Buttons) do
	Button.Text = Index