Lack Of Motivation & Game Ideas

I’ve been using luau and Roblox for nearly seven years now. I’ve never once completed a project.

I always lose motivation far into projects, and can never seem to come up with THE game idea.

I’ve hit a rough patch. Anyone have any support, or tips to counteract this?


I’m with you on this one. If you ever want to do projects together, DM me.

Furthermore, this post should help you a lot regarding Developer Fatigue.


Honestly but i do the same, i lack motivations a lot for my games and there are just 2 ways for me to recover from it, it’s either inviting your skill issue friends into developing with you which i tried and it work very well, the amount of time you spent with your friends and watch them grow/learning, it’s just so inspirational.
Or you can take some days, some weeks off, personally though, i take a entire month off after a long while of developing in roblox studio. Weirdly enough, the more i take days off, the longer i will last with motivations.


I’m starting on a project soon, if you’re interested. I find working with soemone else helps me out.


Huh. I’m about to go on a week vacation, so lets see how that works.

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make it a enitre year and you’re god in developing

Lol, it’s hard to stray away for that long.

I have game ideas for days… days I tell ya…

Try helping someone else with their project or do commissions so that way even if the game idea isn’t the one, you still get paid~
You might lose motivation but you will have an obligation to complete a commission or else you won’t get paid! Complete commissions & smaller projects and add them to your portfolio! Then over time you will see how much you have accomplished~

If you need ideas or want someone to partner with hmu :wink:

I beg for ideas, please :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:
And I have tried helping people on the talent hub but… it’s the talent hub.

Well, the best advice I can give you is having a dedicated team or at least a faithful friend who can provide advice/feedback/motivation/support. It is easy to lose motivation if you are the solo dev of a game, especially if your project if large. Also, (this should be common knowledge) don’t set out making a game you won’t enjoy yourself; don’t just make a simulator because it is easy and a quick $$$.

The talent hub is a piece of garbage and idc how many people get offended because its just the plain truth (at least for scripters). During my seldom visits to Talent Hub, all I have seen is jobs which would ask a hell ton of work to be done for a feeble 100 robux or a certain % which half of the time, you prolly won’t get. But don’t get me wrong, there are quality commissions out there in Talent Hub, but they are greatly outnumbered by its counterpart. Anyways, I kinda ranted a lil bit so back to the topic, if you are looking for commissions, I would recommend a server like HiddenDevs which has a relatively positive community and fair deals afaik.


As Jqck said, join a discord server, or advertise your skills on other platforms. (Im not the biggest fan of the talent hub either). As for ideas… If you could only play ONE game for the rest of your life, what kind of game would that be? What type of games are you interested in? Also

while yes it is important to make a game you will enjoy, when you lacking in motivation (and friends to give you motivation) Making a quick cash grab and earning money off of it is great motivation. And you can use the money to fund your bigger projects!

Let’s say you make a speed simulator, but it’s not just any speed sim, this one got DRAGONS in it! (which makes it way cooler) Level up your dragons! Ride your dragons! Train your dragons! get MORE dragons, Get the fastest dragons of the Land, Sea, and Sky! And become the Dragon Master!!!
Or something like that.

I reccomend creating small bite sized games something you can complete in a few hours. And from there slowly increase the scope of your projects. Hopefully this helps :slight_smile: