Lacking ideas for this hallway

Is the right place to post stuff like this?

Building has been so fun but for a room like this I have ran out of ideas, I merged the whole floor together so I can’t move it. I tried adding a few psychedelic items or my original idea to have floating Koi fish swimming around was to hard to script… the ceiling is pretty much okay in my eyes but the floor seems to bare to me… there is also doors that people need to access… im thinking of adding signs like news/fastest runners/etc

please a hand master builders,

a robloxian with a major brain fart.


Try adding some photos of the bloxy trophy

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lul the heck? idk if your serious or not but I doubt that would look good, got any other ideas?

Try adding some neon lights to the wall

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alright, I’ll try that out what about floor items? got any ideas

maybe something like this image

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so just neon everywhere, thanks for the recommendations. I don’t think I’ll put both but use one or other possibly

okay good luck on your game I might check it out when it gets released

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Yes, it is the right place to post stuff like that. Anyways, i’ll give you some advice on what to improve!

  • Add a pattern to the floor, it looks very very empty. Also try another color for the floor (or multiple colors).

  • Make the wals NEON BLACK. You’ll see no shadows on it.

  • Try something else for the font of the entrance, also resize & center it better.

I wish you luck on your hallway project! Have a good day. :sun_with_face:

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Do you mind adding information on what your going for? It Feels decent at the start however I feel like if you added shades of vibrant colors the dull appearance will go away from my point of view in a few areas but since it’s a hallway pictures, colors, potted plants next the entrance and more you just don’t want to overdo the details.

Recommend adding some sort of lighting casting on walls something that you’ll see once walking down the area or looking at it from your personal view signs common ideas could work, have you tried implementing the ideas you said in your thread? If so, try putting them in their proper areas I feel like the hallway doesn’t lack details it just looks dull. I would recommend adding a few plants.

It’s a nice build I’ll try working on adding entrance plants - picture frames or a logo in the scene: since you captured a alright lighting setup just try adding small details and not something that’ll ruin the scene your wanting.

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wow thanks for going in depth in the hallway! this past time I just redesigned the whole thing, the hallway was just like you said to dull to me and I couldn’t find something that wouldn’t ruin my idea so I changed it
to a warehouse but. thanks! I’ll take your ideas and add on to this

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looking pretty good thank you!


Ooh that looks really nice your welcome