Lag problems than i cant solve

I have a game where I have taken several free models (I check that they do not have backdoors), well the point is that there is one thing, I do not know what it is called, I only know what comes out when you wake up. The point is that it generates TOO MUCH LAG, which causes problems for me and my uwu friends (google traslate)

Since you added quite a lot of free models, I would recommend seeing what scripts they may or may not have hidden in them. Some scripts could be unnecessary and can be removed.

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@avatw @TurtlesUnknown I’m talking about the thing in photo, when you get close to that, lit may computer convert into a fan.

That’s your forcefield you spawn with, so whenever you’re spawning in you’re lagging? If that’s the case, yeah, you have some type of unnecessary scripts. It could also be your device not being able to handle it.

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my laptop is a potato xd But thanks for the name of that ram eater. :smile:

If it’s just the force field, you can disable it.

View the properties tab after clicking onto the spawn location brick > Forcefield > Duration > Set to 0 (Default is 10)


Best thing you can do is attempt to reduce brick count if you’re using free models.

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