Lag Reduction by Despawning Parts/Meshes

Howdy, I was wondering if it was possible to make a script where it makes parts/meshes disappear after being a certain amount of studs away. Like basically a way to reduce lag. (I’m a builder so am not experienced in this sort of thing)

Thanks for the help

While this isn’t related to despawning parts and meshes. You could change the Render Fidelity to either automatic or performance for less lag, so that the lower end devices with poorer connection, get less quality, and higher end devices get higher quality, while keeping the maximum performance for all of the players. I doubt this is gonna have a huge impact if your map’s size is average, however you could try it out and see if it helps.

Are there any like articles/tutorials on how to use this? As I said, i’m mainly a builder so don’t have experience with scripting/other things.

Oh wait, I got it now. characters characters