Lag Trouble Shooting

I am looking for a developer (can be builder or scripter) experienced in working around lag in large-scale builds. We currently have a completely functional game, however the lag is high, and we need to find ways to minimize it. This is not a “suggestions box” request, we need an individual capable of bringing solutions to the table that could help us , not a general “have you tried…” situation


We are willing to pay (ROBUX) someone who can produce genuine results and take the time to work through this problem with us.


Guess I can help you - add me in discord kikta#1855

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This fits more on the “Development Support” category.

No it doesn’t. Anything that involves a reward belongs here.


That’s surely not how it works, although I said “fits more” as he can get support without paying someone to do something that easy.

thanks though!

Lag troubleshooting is far from an easy thing to do. A good game can contain 1000 or tens times more lines of code. Troubleshooting that basically requires a permanent team member to be present.

Unless you are willing to go through an entire script without a reason, then go ahead.


To clear up what @nooneisback is saying, #development-support is for asking for help on different aspects/fields of game development. You can ask for opinions, ratings, and suggestions on scripts, art, builds, models, etc. there.

The purpose of this post is to hire an experienced individual for a job of testing the game and thinking of ways to reduce lag. While they are looking for feedback, it is more specific than a general request for opinions.

I can understand your confusion, but this is the correct category and in the future, I’d suggest DMing the person about the category being misplaced rather than replying as this can cause too much thread ‘noise’.

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