Lag when it's night

I’ve been making this game and I’m trying to be as realistic as possible as real-life. When it’s night, it lags way more, around 30-40 fps, and in day 60+ fps. When it is night, there’re a bunch of street lights and buildings that light up, which may be the problem. This is what it looks like when it is night:

I’m having trouble finding out how to read the MicroProfiler so I’m not sure 100% what is causing the lag. This is it when it is day:

This is it when it is night:

Hopefully, the screenshots help figure out what is causing the lag, and I’m not quite sure how to reduce the lag if the lights are the problem.

I think the lights are the problem, so try making a rendering thing like minecraft. If they are close enough it’ll turn on, if not it’s off

For this to work, you should probably limit the amount of players to be low.
You can make a “Chunk” renderer, so that it just renders certain things, not the whole game.

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The problem is that the map is not even very big yet as it is 1850 x 1400 and 3/4 of it, is empty space.

Well just to reduce lag, if u want to.

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Roblox renders… by chunks. Graphics level is tied to the render distance and object quality.